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The Radio Control Newsletter and Bargain Trader of South Florida


That's right, you've found the home page of the Flying Penguin: editor of the Flying Penguin Newsletter of South Florida and former writer of the monthly "Flying Penguin's Coop" column in R/C Report Magazine.

Every month, the Flying Penguin drags himself out of an alcoholic stupor just long enough to print the world's shortest, but funniest newsletter about radio control modeling. In addition to witty articles and blindingly brilliant repartee (am I laying this on too thick?), the Flying Penguin includes those ever important want-ads where you can trade, sell, or buy modeling related items. The Flying Penguin is a not-for-profit newsletter whose purpose is to promote the advancement of Model Aeronautics, my sick sense of humor, and expose public parks officials to the bright light of the South Florida sun so that it can melt their carrion eating hearts.

The Flying Penguin was founded as a solution to a dilemma we faced at our model flying field, Markham Park in Sunrise, Florida. Being located in a public park, we are at the mercies of public park officials who have decided to apply a bizarre interpretation to a county law prohibiting vending on park property. Their interpretation of this law includes the banning of want-ads on our flying field's bulletin board (which has led to a rather ludicrous cat-and-mouse game of modelers posting ads on the board in the morning, and the park officials coming by in the evening and tearing them down). The Flying Penguin is a means I've found to circumnavigate this violation of our constitutional rights, thumb my nose at the establishment, and its also highly prized as toilet paper in former Soviet-block countries.

The Flying Penguin is renown for its lack of political correctness, its often perverse (some would go so far as to say sick) sense of humor, its infamous Top Ten lists, and the medical miracle that its editor manages to produce it, despite the complete lack of any brain cells in his body.

WHY DO I DO THIS? I dunno, maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment. I don't make any money off the newsletter, and while I do get paid for my column in R/C Report, it (barely) defrays the cost of running this page and printing the newsletter (with a little left over for a few drinks at the local X-Rated club). Then again, I must admit I've met a lot of very nice and interesting people since I started doing this, so it ain't all that bad!

No Penguins lost their lives in the production of this web site, but some are bringing litigation against the Lexus Automotive Company for defamation of character.

If you are the editor of a club newsletter, please feel free to reprint anything contained in the Flying Penguin (good material is hard to find, and this garbage is no exception to the rule, but maybe you can use it anyway). I just ask you to include the line "Courtesy of the Flying Penguin of S. Florida, Robert Osorio, Editor". If you do use something, please send me a copy of your newsletter - I'd love to read it! If you have an R/C related web site, send me the URL and I'll put a link on this page (remember, the word "Internet" is derived from the Latin "to Plagiarize").

None of the material in the Flying Penguin may be used by a modeling magazine (especially that poor excuse for a snot rag, Model Aviation) or in any medium that will be sold for a profit (unless, of course, someone offers me a WHOLE lot of money for it!). The Flying Penguin logo is the sole property of Robert Osorio and may not be used without his prior consent (or I send Bruno and some of the boys over to break yuz legs).

The Flying Penguin Logo, and many of the cartoons on this site, are courtesy of Johnny "Fish Dicks" Jarrell: Friend, Musician, Artist, Hedonist, and all around swell guy. Johnny also makes some awesome freeware True-Type fonts (the Flying Penguin Font used in my logo is one that he made for me, but is freely available) - check out the Fish Dicks Original Fonts Page!

If you want a special treat, you can watch a Real Video of me singing "Secret Agent Man" with the band Iben Holdenwiener on the Fish Dicks' black page here...


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Great historical aviation online magazine and they feature some beautiful aviation artwork wallpapers:


Updated 5/3/2015 - Because some kid made me do it.



"My girlfriend always laughs during sex, no matter what she's reading"
- Steve Jobs (Founder: Apple Computers)


"At My Age, I've Seen It All, Done It All, Heard It All...I Just Can't Remember It All



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