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August 26, 1997

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The Flying Penguin


The aircraft carrier George Washington was docked at Port Everglades for a couple of days back in June, and yours truly joined hundreds of others who toured this impressive technological wonder and found out just how hot it can get on the asphalt deck of an aircraft carrier, in the blistering noon-day sun of a balmy South Florida summer day.

It was an unbelievable sight, kids: more combat aircraft than I could count packed so tightly together that some wingtips only cleared adjacent planes by mere inches! These Navy boys could teach the ramp personnel at Miami International a thing or two about parking planes, I’ll tell ya!

What was really amazing was that there was very little supervision. We were restricted to the main deck and the hanger, but we could pretty much come and go as we pleased. Helicopter cockpits were left open and unlocked and yours truly, as well as dozens of other kids, got to climb in and sit in the pilot’s seat, flip switches and play with the controls. I can only assume the battery was disconnected on these things - at least I didn’t see any five year olds fire up a jet turbine.

I really had to marvel at this. I commented to one of the crew that they must have to pick through the public areas of the ship with a fine-toothed comb after all these civilians had groped and pawed everything. I can’t imagine that they would fly the chopper we had all crawled around in unsupervised, without thoroughly checking it out. I kept thinking to myself that, given the number of sickos in the world, and the chances that there was at least one on this boat with us that day, there was a great potential for mayhem here (how hard would it be to drop a crescent wrench in the mechanics of an open tail-rotor assembly?).

Anyway, I have more photos in full color posted on my web site if you’re interested.


I’ve just finished reading a very good aviation-related book you might enjoy. It’s called Hijacked by Dave Hirschman. It’s the true story of Federal Express flight 705 which suffered an attempted hijacking by an off-duty flight engineer who was riding in the jump

seat back in April of 1994. This flight engineer was going to attempt to kill the three member crew with a hammer, speargun and combat knife he smuggled aboard, and take control of the plane. His plan was to crash the fully fueled and loaded Boeing 727 into the FedEx package sorting facility at Memphis International Airport.

This is one incredible story that keeps you in suspense during the hijacking. You won’t believe the stress damage the plane was put through while the copilot, in an effort to keep the attacker off his feet while he was pummeling the screw with a hammer, actually put the 727 into an inverted dive!


The Mid-Atlantic Helicopter Expo will be held

Sept. 26 - 28 at the Central Carolina Radio Control, CCR/C, field in High Point, North Carolina.

Directions: Take Interstate I-85 south from Greensboro, North Carolina to exit 111, highway 311. Go south on highway 311, 3.2 miles to Cedar Square Road, turn left and go 3 miles to the first cross roads, turn right on Davis Country Road


  • The Flying Penguin is a trader/want-ad flyer for the advancement of the hobby of modeling.
  • This Flying Penguin is distributed Free of Charge. The only fee that may be charged is for photocopying expenses.
  • Ads are for pre-owned items only. I cannot be held responsible for typographical errors, misprints, misinformation and misfits. I make no claims on the quality or value of items listed for sale or trade, and I get first dibs on the best stuff.

Robert Osorio - editor


Canopy & tailboom for Schlueter Champion .60 Heli. Need for crash parts.

Raul - (305) 471-7973 (work) (305) 220-6399 (home) (Miami, FL)


- 35% Carden Extra 300S, 5.8 Sachs, $1,300. plane only: $800 OBO

Possible trade for ducted fan jet.

- Easy Fly 40, Thunder Tiger .40, engine has 2 flights. 4ch FM radio. Plane recently re-covered. $250 Ready-to-Fly

- Trillium Balsa PS295. New in box. Fiberglass cowl & pants. $250

Keith - (954) 987-3435 (Hollywood, FL)


- Cermark Sukoi 60, ASP 75, OS carb, BB servos, 6v 1300mah battery, RTF less radio. $300 OBO

- GeeBee Dreamer 40, 46SF OS Max ABC, tuned pipe (a screamer), 4 ch Conquest Futaba Radio, RTF $325 OBO

- Morris Hobbies Profile Hots, OS Max 32 SF ABC, tuned pipe, Futaba 148 servos, battery, less radio. RTF $275 OBO

- Goldberg Ultimate, new Webra 120 w/articulating pump, BB servos, 6v 1300 mah battery, Futaba FM Super7. RTF $900 OBO. Will sell Super7 trans & rcvr seperately (new rcvr on ch 14)

- DAD Mixer, for Flaperons. $25 OBO


Jeff - (305) 595-2762 (Miami, FL) - Leave message


Planes: RCM Trainer w/OS 26 Surpass, $100; Telemaster w/Enya 45, $175; Kadet MkIV, framed up, ST 34, $125, Pond Hopper flying boat, 75% framed up, scratch built , incl. wheels, $35; Sig Wonder 50% finished, $25; Klingberg Flying Wing, wing partially built, $25; Futaba 5ch FG, $80; Engines: Fox .45 w/CW & CCW crankshaft; Field Equip: Ace Digipace, ACE HD500 pwr supply, flight meter, trickle charger $100 lot; Flight box, fuel caddy, elec pump, starter, mini starter, $250 lot; Building Supplies: 6 boxes assort. Balsa sheets, planks & sticks, Ply, wheels, eng mounts, servos, hardware, props, sandpaper, tools, covering, foam plank, tanks, spinner, music wire, prop balancer, $250 lot. Electric Plane Gear: All never used, Astro-Flight AC/DC variable rate charger, Graupner Speed 600 motot, Graupner Power MOS 30 spd control, 2 - Sanyo 7 cell packs, $100 lot; Kits (NIB): Chuperosa 1-1/2 meter sailplane, $35; Pup II .02 electric, $10.


John - (330) 499-3092 (Canton, Ohio)



- Rapier, new, never flown, HB 40 engine, Monokote finish. Comes with old Kraft radio. Just add your radio & fuel. $225 or Make Offer

- Cox Sailboat, excellent condition. $75

Jim - Days: (954) 983-7519 Eves: (954) 434-7471 Pager: (305) 399-3270

(Broward, FL)


4-Cycle Engines, Will swap 35mm Cameras, 12 G Shotgun, or Color TV’s.

Jacob - (954) 455-0043 (Broward, FL)


- Lazy Ace Bipe, 72" span, 31cc (1.9) gas eng., 5- S148 servos. Just add radio & battery. Flies great. $425

- Ultra Sport 60, foam wing, S.T. 60, Futaba 6ch FM. $275

- Liberty Sport Bipe, 58" wing span, Webra 60, Pitts muffler, 4- S148 servos. $125

- Astro Hog, foam wing, w/ S.T. 60, no muffler: $125 or w/ S.T. 90 and muffler. $175

- OS Max 1.08, w/muffler & aluminum mount. $125

- "Hot Shot" Tunnel Hull (Mahogany) boat, 24"L x 12"w w/ 3.5cc K&B outboard, Futaba 4 ch & 2 servos. $150

Joe - (561) 483-5784 (Boca Raton, FL)


- Schluter Champion 60 Heli, w/ spare crash parts. $500

- Carden Super Bandido, 96" span, 74" fuse, G62, all servos, Futaba 1024 PCM 5 ch, RTF. $1,500

- EZ Commander 40, ST 40, Fuataba Radio & servos. $125

- 2 ASP 1.08 Engines

- Futaba 136G Retract Servo. $30

- Supra Retracts. $25

- Century Ninja Pro 46 Heli, OS 46. $400



Jerry - (954) 489-1432 (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

WANTED: Jet Model, finished or unfinished, to trade or for cash.

Have many planes for sale or trade.


Gary - (954) 791-9592 eves. (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)


Broken/crashed Hobbico trainers or parts.

David - (954) 522-8363 (Fort Lauderdale, FL)


Skylark Heli Simulator, complete w/ software & I/O card. $65

also have a Kantronics Packet Communicator 3 w/ all software, etc. $75

Jet Ranger Body, for Shuttle Heli. New in box. Call to make offer.


Eddie - (561) 477-5931 (Boca Raton, FL)


- Bud Nosen 1/4 scale P-47 Kit, NIB 102" span. $200

- 1/4 Scale Retracts, new. $200

- Profile Hots, w/OS 32. $200


Steve - (954) 450-3562 (Pembroke Pines, FL)


- Webra .61 new, rear exhaust. $125 or will trade for good 40 - 60 size engine with side exhaust & muffler.

John (954) 962-8575 (Hollywood, FL)

New R/C kits, engines, and accessories for sale below mail order prices. For complete list contact Jimmy Jemail via Compuserve 102203,2601 or call (954) 753-0650 (Pompano, FL)


- Byrons F-16, Eng, retracts, electronics, minus radio & rcvr. $650

- Goldberg Super Chipmunk, new in box. $85

- Great Planes Sportster Bipe, ready to fly, $160

- Kyosho Inferno R/C Car, OS Max 21, 9301 servos, like new. $375

- Yellow Aircraft F-16, unbuilt. Scale retracts, OS Max .91, fan & pipe. Brand new. $1,000

- Great Planes P-51 ARF, new. New mechanical retracts and servo. $190

Frank - (305) 649-3721 (Miami, FL)


- Pica 1/5 scale WACO 72" YMF-3, OS 1.20 4 cycle, servos. $400

- Skybolt, 72" span, ST-4500, 23 lbs, servos. $700

- Laser 42%, 120" span, Sachs 5.8, 35 lbs, smoke, 1/4 scale servos. $1,500

- Sukoi SU26M, 94" span, 100cc King, 33 lbs, servos. $1,500

- Byrons F-16 Jet, Rossi 90, servos. $800

- Bud Nosen 1/4 scale J-3 Cub, 108", 21 lbs, Sachs 3.2, servos. $1000

Paul - (954) 472-6323 (Davie, FL)


- Great Planes Spitfire .40 ARF, Brand New w/o engine .40 to .45 would be awesome this plane is in superior condition. $125 or best offer.

It is already built and been flown about 5-7 times

Rich - (304) 755-7019 - (Winfield, West Virginia)


- F-14 Tamecat, 2 seperate wings: one straight & one swept, fly with either one. Covered & looks just like the advertised photo, w/.45 engine . $130

Sal - (954) 752-6106 (Coral Springs, FL)


- BVM Viper Ducted Fan, 75% finished, glass & carbon fiber. BVM K&B .82 engine, on board mixture, oleo struts, decals, retracts. $1,000

- Conquest Air Pattern Plane, w/retracts, YS engine. $200

- Calypso Pattern Plane, w/Weber .61, Futaba PCM 7ch, $300

- Great Planes P-51, needs repair. $50

- Model Tech Sukoi, Almost Ready to Cover, new in box, $200

- OS Max 1.20 4-stroke, low hours. $250

- OS .91 FS 4-stroke, used. $175

- Weber .91, w/muffler. $150

2 - Super Tiger Bluehead .60, $80

4 - JR Servos, Ball Bearing, make offer

2 - OS .15, w/muffler. Make offer

3 - Rhom-Air Gear Sets, Nose & mains, w/plumbing & tanks, $40 per set

- Asst. Spray Paint, Parts, etc. Getting out of hobby.


- Weber .61, w/o muffler. $30

*** I Have Lot's of Engines - BUY / SELL / TRADE ***

Brian - (954) 979-8718 (Margate, FL)


- Balsa USA Laker Seaplane, 68" span, with removable wheels. Just built. $200. With .46 engine: $250

- Great Planes Cap 21, 60" span, never flown. $250

- New K&B Ducted Fan Engine, .82 with Dynamax fan. $250

- Futaba 7 ch G/K series radio, 4 servos, complete. $125

- Futaba FP4NBL Attack 4 AM, w/ 3 servos. $70

- Great Planes wing jig, $10

- Great Planes R/C Balancer, $10

- Starter, $10

- Flight Box, $10

- Heat Gun & Iron, $15




Jim (954) 923-7715 (Hollywood, FL)


- Ace 33% Extra 230, Sachs 3.2, 5- Airtronics 732 and 2- 102 servos. Bought at estate sale. Flyable but could use some repair and recovering. Airframe only: $150, w/servos: $250, complete less radio: $500 OBO

- Precision Eagle 4.2 Engine, TOC Glow version, exc. cond., complete w/ lightweight Dern quiet muffler. Incredibly powerful and smooth. Little time since purchase (used) from Bob Geofrey in ‘96. $450 OBO

- Ace 33% Weeks Special Bipe, lightweight, great cond., metallic red w/ white trim. Bought at estate sale, RTF - just add engine (set up for Sachs 3.2) and radio. $300 OBO

Barry - (508) 521-1618 EST, eves 7-10pm (Massachusetts)


- MVVS 120 2-stroke Engine, NIB, w/exhaust system. Cost $399, will sell for $350 Firm

- Super Tiger 3250, NIB. w/muffler. $219

- ASP 1.08, w/muffler, used but not abused. $100

- Pair of retracts for Giant Scale P-51 (100" span), Bud Nosen or similar mod # 145-5. $200 Firm

- Great Planes F-14 Tomcat, w/Spring Air retracts & OS 61 FSR, w/pipe. Ready to Fly, just drop radio in and go. $350


Charles - (954) 920-4441 (Pembroke Pines, FL)


Planes Built, Assembled, Recovered & Repaired. Flite boxes made to order. Stan - (305) 931-7188 (North Miami)

Will Trade or Sell OS .60 FP - Looking for 90 or 1.20 2-stroke engine

Stan - (305) 931-7188 (North Miami, FL)


- Citabria, OS .70 Surpass 4 cyl, radio. $450

- Champion Shuler 60 Heli, complete w/radio. $575

- Hirobo Shuttle .30 Heli, w/radio. $450

- Ace 4-40, $130

- Sig Cobra, w/OS .45. $125

- Great Planes PT-60, w/ servos $180

- OS .60 FS, run 3 times, almost new, $89

- Rossi .60, side exhaust, new in box, $99

- Rossi .90, new in box, $249

- Rossi Pipes, Header, carbs, plugs & other parts - new & used for .60's

- Lanier P-51, new , $59

- Lanier Invader, $49

- Magnum Pro .45 & GP .40, new.

- Cox .049, .051, .09, new in box. Many other items. SELL * BUY * TRADE

Isaac - (305) 672-8610 Sun - Fri 9am - 10pm (Miami, FL)

FOR SALE- Left Hobby need to liquidate!

- King Kobra, OS 61 FSR ABC w/type 7M carb, Spring Air Retracts, Futaba 8 ch PCM w/5 FPS130 servos. $500

- Kougar, OS 45 FSR ABC, JR Century VII w/4 servos. $350

- Seamaster, OS 45 FSR ABC, 4 servos (no radio). $250

All first class construction and finish.

- Pica Rapier, wing, fuse & tail 80% finished. $50

- Top Flight P-51, 70% finished. $65

- Miss Ft. Worth, kit by Cunningham. $60

- 2 OS 30 Wankels, $75 ea.

- Flight Box, custom Woodcraft, power panel, 12V Bat & starter $100

- Misc: servos, 2 Futaba AM 6 ch radios, Battery Cycler, chargers, wheels, covering, tools, tanks, & enough small parts to open a hobby store!


Will sell individually, but would prefer to sell all together. May consider trade for reliable auto of equal value.


Jim - (954) 929-4828 or (954) 925-1112 (Hollywood, FL)


- Ace 30% Extra 230, smoker, spring starter, quality BB servos, RTF $1,200

- Futaba Super 7, transmitter & receiver. $200

- Ace Seamaster 120, plane only. EXCELLENT CONDITION! $225



- Direct Connections F20 Tigershark, retracts, Rossi .45 w/tuned pipe RTF $400

Jeff - (954) 562-3504 (Fort Lauderdale, FL)


- Futaba FX-10, 2 wheel drive car w/ 2 stick radio dry w/ 2 road tires & rims - no body. USED. $80

- Futaba FX-10, 2 wheel drive car w/ 2 stick radio dry w/ body. USED. $95

- Futaba FX-10, 2 wheel drive car w/ 2 stick radio dry w/body. NEW. $130

- Flitecraft Minuteman .40, w/ Fox .40 RC, Futaba AM Radio, 4 servos, battery, receiver. ALL NEW. - plus used transmitter. $275

- Lots of Great Planes hardware, fittings, hinges, drill & tap sets, rods, connectors, heat shrink. 1/2 orig. price

Russ (Beeper) (954) 402-5589 (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)


- HB .40 PDP Engine, w/muffler

- OS .35 FP, w/muffler. Runs great! $35

Will trade both for .61 (OS preferred but not necessary)

Eddie - (954) 389-5212 (Weston)


Midwest AT-6, OS 120FS & servos. Never flown. A1 workmanship. Contest ready. First serious offer of $700

Stan - (561) 750-2172 (Boca Raton, FL)


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