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Flying Penguin Foto Gallery (1999 & 2000)

A place where I can show off pictures of my planes, and some of yours (if I feel like it)

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Please Note: If you submit a photo, I will post your e-mail address so others can contact you, unless you specifically ask me not to post it.

foto46_2.jpg (29843 bytes) Raymundo

This is my new plane, a Giles 202 from Great Planes. Itīs powered by Saito 91 and covered with ultracote just like the new G202 120 ( I canīt wait until April to buy one of this ). The radio is JR-8103 and has two servos on elevators and ailerons. Itīs a real pleasure to fly this plane.

Phil Bousquet

"From another twisted brain R/C Modeler (can I type this without infringement??), here is a photo of a Great Planes Sportster 40, yes I built and covered it.  Kudos on the kit, very well documented and most of the wood and parts fit well.  I installed Spring Air Retracts, Saito 56 4-cycle, and covering is all Monocoat.  Someone at the field suggested that I put wheels on it for smoother take offs and landings.  I put that on my To Do list.  The photo was taken with a 500mm f.8 mirror lens with Kodak ISO 100 speed print film at 250 sec. shutter speed, on short tripod."

Thomas G. Shinneman

"Attached are some shots of a Lanier Ultimate Bipe I recently completed. The specs are as follows: ST-2300 swinging a Zinger 18-8, on board glow (own design), Futaba Tx 6XA Hi-Tec Rx. and servos (7), covered in Rhino Cover and trimmed with an airbrush and Createx Air-Auto and Sign enamel. I'm really happy with its performance and hope to keep it around for a while."

Raymundo Esparza

"This is a slightly modified KAOS, I built it from plans downloaded from Guy Fuller's page. Itīs powered by an OS61SF no pipe (yet) and controlled by an JR 6X."

foto41.jpg (16220 bytes)

Fernando Campos

"I thought that maybe you would like to see my transformation of a Twin Star into a Coast Guard rescue plane. I am also including a new creation of mine sort of a Bleriot style airplane. This one is neat I scavenged a sound module from a Harley Davidson and mounted it inside under the 400 motor and whenever I press a button the engine coughs and starts and sounds just like an old time airplane."

Daren Savage

"Here's a picture of my airplane for a change. It's a Sig Skybolt. It was given to me as a partially built kit by another JMRC club member. 51 inch wingspan, 7 lbs., Saito .80 four stroke engine turning an APC 13x8 propeller. The finish is paint and Monokote using Lamar Steen's original paint scheme as the base for mine."


Fernando L. Campos

"I thought that maybe you would like to see what I did with my T-33 and Twin Star. I added scale like landing gear to both and I put a clear canopy and handpainted pilot in the T-33. I painted the Twin Star black and added two more motors. They both fly very well."

Percival Mew Gull
Daren Savage

"JMRC club member Charlie Strange brought out this Percival Mew Gull built from RCM plans last Saturday. It's powered by an O.S. .25 2-stroke, the usual 4 channels complete with scratch-built fiberglass cowl, wheel pants and tailwheel spat. It weighs in at 3-1/4 lbs with a 40 inch wing span.

It was a very stable flier which had surprisingly easy ground handling characteristics considering the narrow track of the mains. Charlie's a builder who doesn't like to sell an airplane until it's flown. The Mew Gull has been hanging in his garage for 7 years!"

Raymundo Esparza

"This is my new Tecate Biplane, from Global Quality Kits. It's powered by an OS70 FS and a JR 642 radio."


Lenny Sarbin

"First is a pic of the Pica 65" Spitfire, full cockpit, robart retracts w/cj slow valve, ST61 power, Futaba radio weight 8 3/4 lbs, flies great. Next plane is Pica 63" FW190D, full cockpit, robarts, ST90 power, and Futabaand also flaps on it. Then a Top Flite P40 from the old kit, ST 60 blue head for power, Futaba radio.

Second pic, same Spitfire and P40, plane in center is Royal Corsair SR, ASP 75 power, Robart rotating retracts, full cockpit, around 7 lbs.

Third pic is RCM Ki61 Tony, scratch-built, ST61 power, B&D retracts, weight is 6 lbs.

All these aircraft were built by me... and covered with fiberglass & Z-poxy. The Corsair was painted with automotive paint, all the others were done with my Pasche airbrush & enamels."

Top Flite P-51
Daren Savage

"This picture is Pedro J. (Pete) Zenquis' Top Flite Gold Edition P-51 Mustang. What distinguishes Pete's Mustang from the zillion other P-51's built since the dawn of time is the autograph he got on the Mustang's wing the night of our club banquet. That of Alfonso Harris; one of the famed Tuskeggee Airmen fighter pilots.

Pete uses a Super Tigre 90 2 stroke side mounted with a Streamline Pitts style muffler for go, while Robart pneumatic retracts and Robo-Struts keep the radiator scoop off the ground. Solortex and paint finish the model with markings by Pete and Top Flite."

House of Balsa PT-19
Daren Savage

"Seen here is JMRC club member Charlie Strange's House of Balsa PT-19 with an O.S. .26 four-stroke running fully inverted (it ran great which surprised both of us). Charlie spent a little extra time on this little beauty.

One area which really impressed me was the landing gear. Charlie made look very scale using balsa, epoxy and plastic to complete a pair of very scale yet light landing gear struts.

Charlie noted one thing which surprised him about the kit which he otherwise built stock, was the PT-19 came out a half a pound lighter than the advertised 3-1/2 pounds. It took only a couple of clicks of down trim for straight and level flight. Really! It took off and landed extra easy."

Carden Extra 300
Daren Savage

This is another of our JMRC club members airplane. This one belongs to Jon Vance, here's what he has to say about it:

"The particulars on the plane are as follows..... Carden 35% Extra 300 with a wingspan of 103 inches and a flying weight of 27lbs. The powerplant is a 4.9 cubic inch 3W twin pulling a Bolly composite 26x10 prop, Tru Turn spinner. The radio is a JR PCM 10SX with two servos on each aileron and rudder, and a servo on each elevator half. There is a Piezo Gyro on rudder. Let me know if you need anything else...Jon"

Yeah Jon, how about some stick time? This one like all of Jon's airplanes perform beautifully in the sky






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Send me your photos along with your name and a description of your plane. If I use your photo you get nothing but the admiration (and occasional snicker) from your fellow peers. If I don't use it, I'll tack it up in my workshop and claim I built it. E-Mail it or Snail Mail it, your choice.