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The Flying Penguin's Reader Submitted Glossary of Silly R/C Definitions

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Inspired by the R/C Flyer's Homepage

Last Updated 9/9/99


PROPELLER: Wood, plastic or composite device used to stabilize inferior landings.

TRAINER: Inexpensive throw-a-way device used by beginning pilots to scare instructors and spectators with.

INSTRUCTOR: Old pilot who loves flying and teaching others to fly...usually can not tell you how many planes he has crashed.

TAIL ASSEMBLY: Fragile device which has affinity for door frames during non-flight transport.

TRANSMITTER or RECEIVER FAILURE: Something which happens only on first flight of a plane (usually the last flight, too).

RUNWAY: Flat object used by student pilots to walk on to retrieve aircraft which "almost landed ok".


GLIDE-TIME (1): The time between the Engine falling out and the Airplane hitting the ground.

GLIDE-TIME (2): Time between the Wings folding and the airplane hitting the ground.

Anthony Rossi,

DUCTED-FAN: A high-maintenance salad shooter.


AEROMODELING : The art of turning precision-cut and glued balsa wood and foam into toothpicks and confetti.

Jeff, NSW Australia

AIRPLANE - Heavier than air machine that flies like it's heavier than air.

BALSA - An extremely light substitute for gold.

CRASH - Method of seeing inside a model airplane.

DINNER - A meal that is always cold by the time you get back from flying.

ELEVATOR - Device to prevent level flight.

ENGINE - Device that doesn't start when you want it to, and cuts your fingers.

FAIL SAFE - Option on PCM radio's that allows a pilot to choose whether to crash near him, or a long way away.

FLYING FIELD - Take off area. Landings occur elsewhere.

GIRLS - Something to be interested in before you take up flying.

HINGE - Device to prevent control surface movement and cause flutter.

INVERTED FLIGHT - Method of landing without wear and tear on the wheels.

JOKER - Person who invites you to "taxi back" after a dead stick landing.

LANDING - Test of strength between your plane and the planet.

LB. - Abbreviation for "pound", used to describe how much overweight an airplane is.

MIXTURE SCREW - Device to meter too little fuel to the engine at critical moments.

MOTOR - Electric device that starts when you don't want it to, and cuts your fingers.

NOSE WHEEL - Device that prevents an airplane from landing without bouncing.

PLUG - (1)-Electrical device for making intermittent contact in your engine's ignition.

PLUG - (2)-Electrical device for making intermittent contact with your radio.

RADIO - Device that enables an airplane to crash in different places than it otherwise would.

RECEIVER - Part of the radio that picks up interference.

SKID - Another word for spinner.

SPINNER - Critical part of landing gear.

TANK - Temporary storage place for chemicals before they saturate the airplane.

Dale Gunter
Beaverton, Or


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