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January 13, 1997

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- The Flying Penguin



Last month I raged against Daylight Savings Time. I complained about the fact that the days are already too short this time of year and we don't need this nonsense. Well, stupid me forgot that this time of year, there is no Daylight Savings Time! It's only in effect from spring to fall, and during the Winter we're back on "normal" time (whatever that is!). Gordon Banks, Editor of R/C Report, noticed this little gaffe and wrote me about it (and of course he'd notice it since he's an editor!), and he pointed out that I'd probably receive a storm of letters about my putting my foot in my mouth. Well, knowing (and understanding) the apathy of my readers, I proceeded to make a small wager with Gordon that by the time this newsletter came out, no one else would've pointed out my mistake. Well, I guess Gordon owes me a pizza... his was the only letter I got. Here's what he sent me...

It seems that some of that old rusty radiator water you've been drinking has finally hit home. You're a fan of Daylight Savings Time, but you're arguing against it!

Daylight Savings Time recently ENDED! That's why it's lighter in the morning and darker in the evening! It's DURING DST that we have longer daylight hours in the evening. And then they end it during the winter so that it isn't so dark when kids walk to school.

I was brought up in Virginia where damn near every kid at least has the opportunity to ride a school bus to school, but even then they play around on the edge of the street until the bus arrives. But here in Alabama we have no public school buses. The ones we do have are either private or for transporting one football team to another school, so the kids can beat their brains out. How the kids get to and from school is up to the bill payers.

To recap... Daylight Savings Time is activated in the spring, and deactivated during the winter. The period you like is DURING DST, and the period you don't like is non-DST.

Just like me, I might add! Without DST, I come to work AND go home in the dark. But, of course, there are those who argue that I'm always in the dark. Don't listen to them. They're sane and are thusly not worth your attention.

Happy Holidays!
Gordon Banks, Editor


From the other side of the world:

How To Make Yourself Welcome At The Club

by Svend Fischlein - contributed by Ole Lund (Sweden)

So, you've chosen R/C model flying as a hobby and you're alone. Welcome to the club! - That is, not necessarily our club - you'll have to try and find a club where somebody will take the trouble of helping you along. Otherwise you'll have very little chance on succeeding trying "the hard way" (i.e. alone).

Seek out a club and approach it very carefully. The "Old ones" at the club can be very sensitive about their image. You'll easily recognize an "Old one" by his indulgent authority towards less experienced members of the club, who should show appropriate respect, knowing that experience is the sum of your mistakes. The "Old ones" can also easily be recognized by their weather-beaten clothes, often richly decorated with all kinds of badges indicating years of experience in the noble sport.

Well, it doesn't matter if you're totally new to the sport or you have some experience with Control Line, now you have to start building your base of popularity with one of the more important members of the club. Some would call it public relations. Be very careful not to exaggerate - this could very easy be mistaken for you being stuck up or even an attempt of bribery.

Visit the airfield on a hot summer day, bringing along 3 to 4 six-packs of cold beer which you discreetly place in the shadow behind one of the active pilots. Take out your chair and make yourself comfortable while opening one of the beers and start observing the pilots.

When you've spotted the most sweaty and snorting "Old one" on his knees in front of his model because he can't get the overheated engine started, approach him casually, with the beer in your hand, being careful not to get in his way. DO NOT say something like "have you checked the fuel tube" or "have you tried adjusting it a bit richer" or anything like that, as it would be counter-productive to what you've set out to achieve.

Just keep a little distance and wait until he, totally disheveled, stops beating at the prop, and wearily starts looking around and sees you. Now smile - if this looks anything like a grin you're out, so maybe you should practice this important moment at home 2 or 3 weeks in advance - and offer him a beer that you just accidentally happened to have brought along. Nobody can resist this. When he's recovered from dehydration, say something like "Hot today eh..". Since he agrees with your, he'll think that you're intelligent, pleasant and worth talking to...

Now your diplomatic abilities have opened the door to the club a little. Now comes the moment of self control and the sacred moment of intuitive sense of occasion. Your new found friend has eyes like an eagle - all model pilots have - and he'll by now have spotted your six-packs, which you haven't concealed well enough.

When you see a wrinkle in his forehead, indicating his inner conflict between his thirst and a lurking suspicion about your intentions, you must have a good excuse ready - like, that you're celebrating your mother's birthday, who's invited you over for the traditional Swedish meatballs dinner although you're living so far away that you can't visit her too often. This will distract his thoughts from your six-packs, his forehead will smooth out, and his eyes will get that far away look, when he remember the meatballs his mother used to make.

After a brief meditative pause, you could hint that it would make you very happy if he and the other club members, would join you in a toast to your mother. This filial consideration will quickly be met with sympathy and you'll be the center of attention. Don't go into details about her age or showing her photo - what you want is sympathy, not pity...

Now is the right time to mention your interest in R/C flying and ask the pilots about what gear would be best to start out with. You'll immediately be lectured about how stupid it would be to buy new equipment, especially when one or more of the pilots just happens to have some, good and well-tested radios and models they don't use anymore, that you could buy at a very reasonable price (cash) - as a favor that is. Any defects will be guaranteed to be minor and easy to fix for someone like you.

While you consider these fine offers, you'll have to identify the member who, with the most weight, can influence a coming decision about your membership. Pretending to evaluate the different offers, pay special attention to his offer, while mumbling something about that you don't have that much money, and that you need to become a member of a club somewhere. He'll understand and (maybe) lower the price to what the equipment is actually worth while mentioning that he just might be able to recommend you as a coming member in this particular club - when a membership becomes vacant.

Now is the time to show your gratitude and thank him for his kindness and tell him that you'd like to buy the equipment he has offered (without haggling over the price), when you've become a member of the club, which can't take that long. Then give him $50 in advance - no receipt.


#10 - Smash it
#9 - Filet 'o Stick
#8 - Combat... without streamers
#7 - Donate it to the Army as a target drone
#6 - Strap it to the back of a Cruise Missile with Saddam Hussein's name on it
#5 - Nail it through a Vampire's heart
#4 - One word: Piniata!
#3 - Fly it over the Bermuda Triangle
#2 - Convert it to free-flight
#1 - Ship it to Germany in exchange for their version of an Ugly Stick (Das Cub)


#10 - People who tow trailers with small planes in them, hauled by empty vans. Go figure.
#9 - A guy who brings his plane to the field in a Ferrari.
#8 - Me walking around for an hour trying to figure out where the HELL I'd misplaced my new Ni-Starter.
#7 - Me filling the HUGE tank on my Ultra Sport 1000 with a hand pump because I haven't gotten around to buying a new electric pump in three months. (Can you say Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?)
#6 - You ever notice that out of the three paddle fans on the ceiling of the shelter, there's never more than one of them working at any one time?
#5 - The padlock on the recyclables container - what, do we have to lock up the trash now?
#4 - The sign saying we're not supposed to buzz the guys installing the giant water main. (Can you say reverse psychology?)
#3 - The new fence gate. (Can you say aggravating?)
#2 - Absolutely true! Ten of us spending three hours trying to figure out how to switch a Futaba 7UAP transmitter out of Mode II. It's not in the manual, but it can be done!
#1 - Also absolutely true! A guy had scratched out the 1996 year on his old AMA card and typed in 1997! You know who you are cheap-skate! Listen dummy, let me explain the problem to ya in simple terms that anyone can understand: A) You lose control of plane, B) Plane crashes through car window, C) You don't have insurance, D) Car owner sues the park, E) Park closes the airfield because we're irresponsible - GET IT?


  • The Flying Penguin is a trader/want-ad flyer for the advancement of the hobby of modeling.
  • This Flying Penguin is distributed Free of Charge. The only fee that may be charged is for photocopying expenses.
  • Ads are for pre-owned items only. I cannot be held responsible for typographical errors, misprints, misinformation and misfits. I make no claims on the quality or value of items listed for sale or trade, and I get first dibs on the best stuff.

Robert Osorio - editor

Helicopter IBM-PC Simulator. I'll pick it up anywhere & pay cash!

Eddie - (561) 477-5931 (Boca Raton)
IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you bought my Flightstar 40 Trainer in late July, you got the wrong receiver (transmitter is on Channel 14 and reciever is on 16)! Please call me to coordinate a trade for the correct receiver. Radames (305) 271-3395.
- Flight Box, NEW, red, bought from RC Hobbies includes starter, igniter, battery igniter (hot stand), battery meter (ESV), quick charger FFC, elec. fuel pump w/metal can. $200
- Avistar 40, NEW, recovered white & transp. blue, short & flat wing. OS-FX 46 w/header & pipe. Alum. landing gear. Fast, flown a few times. $225
- Extra 300, NEW, K-55, blue, red & white, OS 1.08, rcvr batt., (2) S3001 servos. Pilot. Very nice plane. $450
- OS-SF 61, w/header & motor mount, alum. spinner, 11x7 prop, stock muffler. Like new. $125
- OS-SX 32, excellent shape. $100
OS-FP 25, w/4 oz. fuel tank. New in box. $50
- ASP 46, used. $40
- Futaba FP-T8UAF, w/4 S-148 servos, battery, 2 rcvrs, ch 44. New. $375
- Spring Air Retracts, pneumatic, 3-gear, alum. hand pump w/guage. $80
- Futaba Attack-4 AM Radio, Transmitter & Rcvr. $30
- Iron, covering and misc. $25
Mike - (954) 472-2892 or Beeper (954) 761-0043 (Fort Lauderdale)
1/10-scale Associated RC10LS RC Car, Carbon Fibre chassis, motor, battery pack, Novak speed control, Novak Polaris rcvr, full bearings, extra gear sets. Extra wheels & tires (new in package - never openned), 3 bodies & much more. Has 4 runs on it! Bodies are: #6 Valvoline T-Bird, #4 Kodak Monte Carlo, Ferrari 333SP (unpainted). The #6 & #4 are concourse scale, as exact as possible! Must see to believe! The whole show for $250

Don - (Voice Mail) (954) 631-3100 (North Lauderdale)
F-14 Tamecat, 2 seperate wings: one straight & one swept, fly with either one. Covered & looks just like the advertised photo. $125

Sal - (954) 752-6106 (Coral Springs)
New R/C kits, engines, and accessories for sale below mail order prices. For complete list contact Jimmy Jemail via Compuserve 102203,2601 or call (954) 753-0650 (Pompano)
- O.S. 32SX Heli Engine, new, $100
- Learjet 35A Kit, from Model Specialties, 84" foam wing, 96" glass fuse, twin Dynamax fans w/OS 65/77. Glass tip tanks, nacelles, canopy, windshield & frame. Jet Model Products retracts. Complete kit less wing sheeting. Partially built. $600 or Trade for new G-62

Rick - Leave Message: (954) 572-7064 (Sunrise)
- Taylor Craft, sweet flying 1/4-scale $325, with Futaba 7 channel PCM radio & all servos (S5101) add $150, almost new MOKI 1.8 w/bissson muffler add $240
- Phaeton Bi-Plane, Beautiful model! $325, with Futaba 7 channel PCM radio & all servos (S5101) add $150, almost new O.S. Max 1.08 add $150

Richard - (954) 746-7562 (Home) (954) 792-4300 (Work)
Selling for a friend:
- BVM Viper Ducted Fan, 75% finished, glass & carbon fiber. BVM K&B .82 engine, on board mixture, oleo struts, decals, retracts. $1,000
- Conquest Air Pattern Plane, w/retracts, YS engine. $200
- Calypso Pattern Plane, w/Weber .61, Futaba PCM 7ch, $300
- Great Planes P-51, needs repair. $50
- Model Tech Sukoi, Almost Ready to Cover, new in box, $200
- OS Max 1.20 4-stroke, low hours. $250
- OS .91 FS 4-stroke, used. $175
- Weber .91, w/muffler. $150
2 - Super Tiger Bluehead .60, $80
4 - JR Servos, Ball Bearing, make offer
2 - OS .15, w/muffler. Make offer
3 - Rhom-Air Gear Sets, Nose & mains, w/plumbing & tanks, $40 per set
- Asst. Spray Paint, Parts, etc. Getting out of hobby.
- Weber .61, w/o muffler. $30

I Have Lot's of Engines - BUY / SELL / TRADE

Brian - (954) 979-8718 (Margate)

- Top Flite Corsair, 75% finished. $190 OBO
- Super Tiger 3000, new in box, $200 OBO
- OS .90FS 4-stroke, $150 OBO or trade
- Miniature Aircraft X-Cell .60 Heli, w/spare main blades, Futaba Super 7 heli radio, like new, flown no more than 10 times. $850 OBO or trade for jet
- .35 & .40 OS & Magnum engines, reasonably priced
- Starhawk Pattern Plane, all glass fuse, painted & ready to rig. $200
- Many finished & unfinished planes.
- Many engines (50+) and parts (OS, HP, ASP, Enya, etc.)
- Many spare wings for popular planes

Gary - (954) 791-9592 eves. (Ft. Lauderdale)

Planes Built, Assembled, Recovered & Repaired. Flite boxes made to order.
Stan - (305) 931-7188 (North Miami)
- Webra .61 Speed, new, rear exhaust. $125 or will trade for good 40 - 60 size engine with side exhaust & muffler.

John (954) 962-8575 (Hollywood)
- Sukoi SU26-Mx, BRAND NEW - NEVER FLOWN, ASP .75 ABC, Slimline Pitts in-cowl muffler, DAD digital mixer (flapperons), 5 Futaba S-148 servos, Futaba 9-channel recvr and battery. Blue/White lots of little features. Looks great! $345 O.B.O.
- Futaba 5UAP PCM Transmitter Only, w/ charger in custom case. Like new condition. Channel 16. $150 O.B.O.
>>> MUST SELL!! <<<

Radames - (305) 271-3395 (Miami)
OS Max .65 RDR RISE, Marine, NIB $150; K&B 5.8, FIRE, NIB $125; Nova Rossi.20 FISE, free flight, NIB $135; Veco .19 RC, exc. $30; HB .12 w/Perry carb, exc., $40
- Super Tiger G21 series .46 engine
- Super Tiger V .60 engine
- For Super Tiger .56, early PB model: finless head, CL venturi; For K&B Sky Fury .049: drive washer; For Veco 35: drive washer; For ST G21 .46: Hd., new or LN, 3 rear bearings new.
- Midwest Models Skyraider CL profile stunt Kit, 48" span
- Rossi .15 Engines, Mark 2 or Mark 3 Blackhead
- Old model airplane ignition engines and/or parts. Glow control-line engines and parts. Control-line kits.

Postage - engines: 1st, $4, ea addl $2; OS .65, $5

Gabe (407) 878-9220 (Port St. Lucie)
- Citabria, OS .70 Surpass 4 cyl, radio. $450
- Champion Shuler 60 Heli, complete w/radio. $575
- Hirobo Shuttle .30 Heli, w/radio. $450
- Ace 4-40, $130
- Sig Cobra, w/OS .45. $125
- Great Planes PT-60, w/ servos $180
- OS .60 FS, run 3 times, almost new, $89
- Rossi .60, side exhaust, new in box, $149 $99
- Rossi .90, new in box, $249
- Rossi Pipes, Header, carbs, plugs & other parts - new & used for .60's
- Lanier P-51, new , $59
- Lanier Invader, $49
- Magnum Pro .45 & GP .40, new.
- Cox .049, .051, .09, new in box. Many other items.


Isaac - (305) 672-8610 (Miami) Sun - Fri 9am - 10pm

- Sullivan Strarter, $13
- Great Planes Electric Motor w/ folding prop, $20
- Futaba 4 ch Conquest Radio, compete w/ questionable recvr - make offer
- Great Planes Super Sportster Bipe, never flown, $250 w/o engine
- Rossi .40, like new. $95
- Great Planes CAP 21, 60" wing span. Just completed, never flown - mint. $250 w/o engine
- Enya & O.S. R/C, 2 cyl, 4 cyl engines! Call!
- Kraft 5 channel Radio, extra accesories & servos. Never used.


Jim (954) 923-7715 (Hollywood)

- Carden Super Bandido, 96" span, 74" fuse, plane only. Possible trade for helicopter.

Jerry - (954) 489-1432 (Fort Lauderdale)
- 40 size Old Timer, push-pull cables, elev & rudder, tail of fuse is open strut structure - stained & varnished, genuine vintage spoke wheels. $150

Eddie - (954) 389-5212 (Weston)
- Ace 30% Extra 230, smoker, spring starter, quality BB servos, RTF $1,200
- Y.S. 1.20 4-stroke, new in box, 4-sale or trade
- Futaba Super 7, transmitter & receiver. $200
- Ace Seamaster 120, plane only. EXCELLENT CONDITION! $225


Direct Connections F20 Tigershark, retracts, Rossi .45 w/tuned pipe RTF $400

Jeff - (954) 562-3504 (Fort Lauderdale)
- Futaba FX-10, 2 wheel drive car w/ 2 stick radio dry w/ 2 road tires & rims - no body. USED. $80
- Futaba FX-10, 2 wheel drive car w/ 2 stick radio dry w/ body. USED. $95
- Futaba FX-10, 2 wheel drive car w/ 2 stick radio dry w/body. NEW. $130
- Flitecraft Minuteman .40, w/ Fox .40 RC, Futaba AM Radio, 4 servos, battery, receiver. ALL NEW. - plus used transmitter. $275
- Lots of Great Planes hardware, fittings, hinges, drill & tap sets, rods, connectors, heat shrink. 1/2 orig. price

Russ (Beeper) (954) 402-5589 (Ft. Lauderdale)
- Pica Duelist, twin engine, 2 40 Irvines , no radio, 90% finished. $125
- Pica 1/6-scale P-51, flaps, retracts, servos, full cockpit w/sliding canopy & pilot, setup for G-38. $350


Mike - (954) 431-5776 (Pembroke Pines)

- Dynamax Fan Unit, for OS .77 thru .90. New, all built. Never flown. $100
- Great Planes Electri-Cub, w/05 elec motor, no battery. $75 $50
- McColough 6 cu. (100cc) Gas Engine, Racing Engine, needs ignition system, $250
- Webra .90 Speed, 2-stroke Engine, New in Box, $125
- Great Planes F-14 Tomcat w/Spring-Aire retracts & OS .61FSR w/tuned pipe !A Real Bullet! $350

Charles - (954) 920-4441 (Pembroke Pines)

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