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May 26, 1997

Dirt Cheap! It's Free!


The Flying Penguin Salutes Our War

Veterans, Whose Bravery Has Kept Us Free.


Once again I remind the textually challenged that the Flying Penguin is published on a monthly-maybe basis (maybe I'll print it this month, and maybe I won't. You don't like it? Go suck on a muffler...). This newsletter is, and always will be FREE! Why am I doing this? Probably because I need my head examined!

For the benefit of nameless parties (oh okay, I'll name them: park employees) I'm not selling anything. This is a free service I provide for my fellow fliers because the aforementioned nameless people have a problem with RC want-ads on the field's bulletin board (oh, but hanging posters for gun shows at the shooting range is okay, though... nice double standard).

As always, posting an ad in the Penguin is FREE, but if you'd like to show your appreciation for my efforts here, I will gladly accept a donation of two dollars. This donation is strictly voluntary, but if you want to show your support, it would be appreciated, (and you'll be helping support my bad habits). Please send in your ads now for next month's issue. Send your ads to:


The Flying Penguin
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North Miami, FL 33181-2597

Phone: (305) 892-9007 Fax: (305) 893-6221

CompuServe: 70254,2145



Please include your name, city, and phone number. Ads can be for anything having to do with modeling: used items for sale, want-ads, building services, contests, event announcements, death threats, etc. Copies of The Flying Penguin are available at Markham Park (get 'em when you can, the Park police are stealing them again), Coral Springs Condors Field (courtesy Marv Grubb), Gulf Hobbies in Hollywood (954) 987-7500, and Orange Blossom Hobbies in Miami (305) 633-2521 (courtesy of Charles Rodriguez).

You can also read the Flying Penguin on-line at the Flying Penguin Web-Site of Love at:

If you'd like a subscription, send me a book of stamps and I'll mail you an issue each month. If you'd like me to Fax the Penguin to you each month (you must have a fax that answers automatically), contact me with your Fax number. REMEMBER, IT'S FREE!

Send me your drawings, cartoons, or photos to share with us. Editorials and articles will be reviewed for submission (and then promptly tossed in the trash).

The Flying Penguin


#10 - Scale aircraft mechanic doll gets sucked through scale 747 Jumbo Jet's engine intake and scale red mist and bloody chunks come out the exhaust...

#9 - Working machine guns, but only if they're used to threaten the judges for extra points...

#8 - Scale re-creation of the ValueJet crash... ummm, actually, I did that one with my Ultra Sport at the field the other day (Yes I know, some of you will think that's a tasteless joke. That's what I'm here for, to define the fine line between comedy and grief).

#7 - One word: Napalm!

#6 - Scale Wright Flyer performing a scale re-creation of the first powered flight (since it only flew 60 yards at an altitude of 10 feet, a 1/3 scale model would only have to fly 20 yards at an altitude of 3.3 feet to qualify for full points).

#5 - Scale recreation of the Hindenburg disaster (pending AMA insurance coverage).

#4 - Bell X-1 with working rocket engine.

#3 - A Mooney with a working scale cigarette lighter.

#2 - A Pitts S-2 with scale vomit on the passenger seat.

#1 - A scale Twin Bravo dropping scale Marijuana bales into a lake which are then picked up by a scale speed boat which is then shot out of the water after a high speed chase with a scale Coast Guard Cutter. Anyone pulls this one off, they automatically get the trophy and we all go home early.


So Where Is the Next Issue?!!


Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. I ran late again again publishing the newsletter. Sorry. You know how it is, the dog ate the newsletter, the cat tore the wantads, my pet iguana ate the computer's mouse... yadda.. yadda.. yadda...

Anyway, I'll try to be a little more punctual with the newsletter from here on. Work's been a major pain in the behind, but things quiet down a whole lot for me during the summer (of course, I might still be late due to sheer cussedness - you never know...)



I went to Top Gun last month and had a great time. Well, except for one small little detail. I made the mistake of wearing a cap that says "The Flying Penguin" on it and a T-shirt that says "Ugly Sticks Suck". BIG MISTAKE!

Now, I figured that being at the premiere scale meet of the year that I wouldn't be bumping into too many Ugly Stick Compulsive's, but it seems I figured wrong. Well at least it seems that there's a lot of people reading my column in R/C Report. Problem is, most of them also own Ugly Sticks and have Voodoo dolls with my name on 'em...

Anyway, Top Gun was fun and really BIG this year. There were lots of great models and lots of great flying. I haven't been to Top Gun since 1992 and there's been a world of changes since then. The biggest difference is the fact that over half the jet entries were using turbines for power plants - most of them made by JPX. God, I love the sound of a turbine in the morning...

You can read all about my sick take on Top Gun in my column in the July (I think) issue of R/C Report.

And speaking of my column and Ugly Sticks, pick up next month's issue because I finally explain my loathing of Ugly Stick's in next month's column. Ya see, Oprah, it all had to do with a traumatic childhood experience involving a Pederast, a German Shepherd and an Ugly Stick...


Top five things I LOVED about Top Gun...

#5 - ...the location.

#4 - ...the models.

#3 - ...the demonstration flying.

#2 - ...the bar.

#1 - ...the cute barmaid.



Top five things I HATED about Top Gun...

#5 - ...the location.

#4 - ...the pit officials who only laughed hysterically when I told them I was with the press.

#3 - ...the eight guys with baseball bats waiting for me in the parking lot who wanted to discuss Ugly Stick appreciation with me.

#2 - ...the hangover the morning after.

#1 - ...the barmaid who didn't look so cute the morning after.

  • The Flying Penguin is a trader/want-ad flyer for the advancement of the hobby of modeling.
  • This Flying Penguin is distributed Free of Charge. The only fee that may be charged is for photocopying expenses.
  • Ads are for pre-owned items only. I cannot be held responsible for typographical errors, misprints, misinformation and misfits. I make no claims on the quality or value of items listed for sale or trade, and I get first dibs on the best stuff.

Robert Osorio - editor


- Lazy Ace Bipe, 72" span, 31cc (1.9) gas eng., 5- S148 servos. Just add radio & battery. Flies great. $425

- Ultra Sport 60, foam wing, S.T. 60, Futaba 6ch FM. $275

- Liberty Sport Bipe, 58" wing span, Webra 60, Pitts muf\fler, 4- S148 servos. $125

- Astro Hog, foam wing, w/ S.T. 60, no muffler: $125 or w/ S.T. 90 and muffler. $175

- OS Max 1.08, w/muffler & aluminum mount. $125

- "Hot Shot" Tunnel Hull (Mahogany) boat, 24"L x 12"w w/ 3.5cc K&B outboard, Futaba 4 ch & 2 servos. $150

Joe - (561) 483-5784 (Boca Raton, FL)


- Summit Pattern Plane, OS 61 Rear Exhst, new. Painted & RTF. $350 less radio.

- 40 Kaos, $150 w/o radio.

- Reno Pylon Race Model L250, w/ OS rear exhst. No radio but rigged and ready. $200 OBO

- Birdie 10, 70% complete. $30

- Scat-Cat Quickie 500, No engine, rigged & ready. $60 OBO

- Super Sportster 60, 70% finished. $100

- Top-Flite P-51B Mustang, covered & almost ready to fly.

- Top-Flite P-51D, covered & almost ready to fly.

- Quickie 500, $60

- Top Flite Corsair, 75% finished. Wing & fuse framed up. The hard part's done! I also have retracts for this kit. $190 OBO

- Miniature Aircraft X-Cell .60 Heli, w/spare main blades, Futaba Super 7 heli radio, like new, flown no more than 10 times. $850 OBO or trade for jet

- .35 & .40 OS & Magnum engines, reasonably priced

- Many finished & unfinished planes, engines (50+) and parts (OS, HP, ASP, Enya, etc.), spare wings for popular planes.


Schluter Champion 60 Heli parts

Gary - (954) 791-9592 eves. (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)


- O.S. 32SX Heli Engine, new, $100

Rick - Leave Message: (954) 572-7064 (Sunrise, FL)


Helicopter IBM-PC Simulator. I'll pick it up anywhere & pay cash!

Eddie - (561) 477-5931 (Boca Raton, FL)


- Webra .61 new, rear exhaust. $125 or will trade for good 40 - 60 size engine with side exhaust & muffler.

John (954) 962-8575 (Hollywood, FL)


- SuperStar 40 Trainer, S.T. GS .40 ringed engine, aluminum landing gear, good condition. $120

- Lanier Indicator Kit, brand new. $20

- OS FP 35, excellent condition. $25

Jack - (954) 255-0974 (Broward, FL)


Skylark Heli Simulator, complete w/ software & I/O card. $65

also have a Kantronics Packet Communicator 3 w/ all software, etc. $75

Eddie - (561) 477-5931 (Boca Raton, FL)


Canopy & tailboom for Schlueter Champion .60 Heli. Need for crash parts.

Raul - (305) 471-7973 (work) (305) 220-6399 (home) (Miami, FL)


- Goldberg Super Chipmunk, new in box. $85

- Great Planes F14 Tomcat, new in box. $75

- Great Planes Sportster Bipe, ready to fly, $160

- Kyosho Inferno R/C Car, OS Max 21, 9301 servos, like new. $375

- Yellow Aircraft F-16, unbuilt. Scale retracts, OS Max .91, fan & pipe. Brand new. $1,000

- Great Planes P-51 ARF, new. OS 70 4-cycle. Mew mechanical retracts and servo. $375

Frank - (305) 649-3721 (Miami, FL)


- Schluter Champion 60 Heli, w/ spare crash parts. $500

- Carden Super Bandido, 96" span, 74" fuse, G62, all servos, Futaba 1024 PCM 5 ch, RTF. $1,500

- EZ Commander 40, ST 40, Fuataba Radio & servos. $125

- 2 ASP 1.08 Engines

- Futaba 136G Retract Servo. $30

- Supra Retracts. $25

- Century Ninja Pro 46 Heli, OS 46. $400


Jerry - (954) 489-1432 (Fort Lauderdale, FL)


- Ace 33% Extra 230, Sachs 3.2, 5- Airtronics 732 and 2- 102 servos. Bought at estate sale. Flyable but could use some repair and recovering. Airframe only: $150, w/servos: $250, complete less radio: $500 OBO

- Precision Eagle 4.2 Engine, TOC Glow version, exc. cond., complete w/ lightweight Dern quiet muffler. Incredibly powerful and smooth. Little time since purchase (used) from Bob Geofrey in ‘96. $450 OBO

- Ace 33% Weeks Special Bipe, lightweight, great cond., metallic red w/ white trim. Bought at estate sale, RTF - just add engine (set up for Sachs 3.2) and radio. $300 OBO

Barry - (508) 521-1618 EST, eves 7-10pm (Massachusetts)

or E-mail:


- Pica 1/5 scale WACO 72" YMF-3, OS 1.20 4 cycle, servos. $400

- Skybolt, 72" span, ST-4500, 23 lbs, servos. $700

- Laser 42%, 120" span, Sachs 5.8, 35 lbs, smoke, 1/4 scale servos. $1,500

- Sukoi SU26M, 94" span, 100cc King, 33 lbs, servos. $1,500

- Byrons F-16 Jet, Rossi 90, servos. $800

- Bud Nosen 1/4 scale J-3 Cub, 108", 21 lbs, Sachs 3.2, servos. $1000

Paul - (954) 472-6323 (Davie, FL)


- Great Planes Spitfire .40 ARF, Brand New w/o engine .40 to .45 would be awesome this plane is in superior condition. $125 or best offer.

It is already built and been flown about 5-7 times

Rich - (304) 755-7019 - (Winfield, West Virginia)

New R/C kits, engines, and accessories for sale below mail order prices. For complete list contact Jimmy Jemail via Compuserve 102203,2601 or call (954) 753-0650 (Pompano, FL)

- BVM Viper Ducted Fan, 75% finished, glass & carbon fiber. BVM K&B .82 engine, on board mixture, oleo struts, decals, retracts. $1,000

- Conquest Air Pattern Plane, w/retracts, YS engine. $200

- Calypso Pattern Plane, w/Weber .61, Futaba PCM 7ch, $300

- Great Planes P-51, needs repair. $50

- Model Tech Sukoi, Almost Ready to Cover, new in box, $200

- OS Max 1.20 4-stroke, low hours. $250

- OS .91 FS 4-stroke, used. $175

- Weber .91, w/muffler. $150

2 - Super Tiger Bluehead .60, $80

4 - JR Servos, Ball Bearing, make offer

2 - OS .15, w/muffler. Make offer

3 - Rhom-Air Gear Sets, Nose & mains, w/plumbing & tanks, $40 per set

- Asst. Spray Paint, Parts, etc. Getting out of hobby.


- Weber .61, w/o muffler. $30

*** I Have Lot's of Engines - BUY / SELL / TRADE ***

Brian - (954) 979-8718 (Margate, FL)

FOR SALE- Left Hobby need to liquidate!

- King Kobra, OS 61 FSR ABC w/type 7M carb, Spring Air Retracts, Futaba 8 ch PCM w/5 FPS130 servos. $750

- Kougar, OS 45 FSR ABC, JR Century VII w/4 servos. $500

- Seamaster, OS 45 FSR ABC, 4 servos (no radio). $450

All first class construction and finish.

- Pica Rapier, wing, fuse & tail 80% finished. $60

- Top Flight P-51, wing w/MK retracts 70% finished. $100

- MK Arrow, kit. All wood. $100

- Miss Ft. Worth, kit by Cunningham. $75

- 2 OS 30 Wankels, $100 ea

- OS FS 60, original 4-stroke. $60

- Supertigre 60, $50

- Flight Box, custom Woodcraft, power panel, 12V Batt & starter. $125

- Misc: servos, 2 Futaba AM 6 ch radios, Battery Cycler, chargers, wheels, covering, tools, tanks, & enough small parts to open a hobby store!

Will sell individually, but would prefer to sell all for $2,200. May consider trade for reliable auto of equal value.

Jim - (954) 929-4828 or (954) 925-1112 (Hollywood, FL)


Midwest AT-6, OS 120FS & servos. Never flown. A1 workmanship. Contest ready. First serious offer of $700

Stan - (561) 750-2172 (Boca Raton, FL)


Right Flyer T40 Trainer, engine, radio, tool stand, elec. starter & battery. $400

Adam - (954) 434-3733 after 5pm (Davie, FL)


- Sullivan Starter, $13

- Great Planes Electric Motor w/ folding prop, $20

- Futaba 4 ch Conquest Radio, compete w/ questionable recvr - make offer

- Great Planes Super Sportster Bipe, never flown, $250 w/o engine

- Rossi .40, like new. $95

- Great Planes CAP 21, 60" wing span. Just completed, never flown - mint. $250 w/o engine

- Enya & O.S. R/C, 2 cyl, 4 cyl engines! Call!

- Kraft 5 channel Radio, extra accesories & servos. Never used.


Jim (954) 923-7715 (Hollywood, FL)


- Futaba FX-10, 2 wheel drive car w/ 2 stick radio dry w/ 2 road tires & rims - no body. USED. $80

- Futaba FX-10, 2 wheel drive car w/ 2 stick radio dry w/ body. USED. $95

- Futaba FX-10, 2 wheel drive car w/ 2 stick radio dry w/body. NEW. $130

- Flitecraft Minuteman .40, w/ Fox .40 RC, Futaba AM Radio, 4 servos, battery, receiver. ALL NEW. - plus used transmitter. $275

- Lots of Great Planes hardware, fittings, hinges, drill & tap sets, rods, connectors, heat shrink. 1/2 orig. price

Russ (Beeper) (954) 402-5589 (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)


- Dynamax Fan Unit, for OS .77 thru .90. New, all built. Never flown. $100

- Great Planes Electri-Cub, w/05 elec motor, no battery. $75 $50

- McColough 6 cu. (100cc) Gas Engine, Racing Engine, needs ignition system, $250

- Great Planes F-14 Tomcat w/Spring-Aire retracts & OS .61FSR w/tuned pipe !A Real Bullet! $350

Charles - (954) 920-4441 (Pembroke Pines, FL)


- Ace 30% Extra 230, smoker, spring starter, quality BB servos, RTF $1,200

- Futaba Super 7, transmitter & receiver. $200

- Ace Seamaster 120, plane only. EXCELLENT CONDITION! $225



- Direct Connections F20 Tigershark, retracts, Rossi .45 w/tuned pipe RTF $400

Jeff - (954) 562-3504 (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Planes Built, Assembled, Recovered & Repaired. Flite boxes made to order. Stan - (305) 931-7188 (North Miami) Will Trade or Sell OS .60 FP - Looking for 90 or 1.20 2-stroke engine

Stan - (305) 931-7188 (North Miami, FL)


- F-14 Tamecat, 2 seperate wings: one straight & one swept, fly with either one. Covered & looks just like the advertised photo, w/.45 engine . $130

Sal - (954) 752-6106 (Coral Springs, FL)


- 40 size Old Timer, push-pull cables, elev & rudder, tail of fuse is open strut structure - stained & varnished, genuine vintage spoke wheels. $150

Eddie - (954) 389-5212 (Weston, FL)


- Citabria, OS .70 Surpass 4 cyl, radio. $450

- Champion Shuler 60 Heli, complete w/radio. $575

- Hirobo Shuttle .30 Heli, w/radio. $450

- Ace 4-40, $130

- Sig Cobra, w/OS .45. $125

- Great Planes PT-60, w/ servos $180

- OS .60 FS, run 3 times, almost new, $89

- Rossi .60, side exhaust, new in box, $99

- Rossi .90, new in box, $249

- Rossi Pipes, Header, carbs, plugs & other parts - new & used for .60's

- Lanier P-51, new , $59

- Lanier Invader, $49

- Magnum Pro .45 & GP .40, new.

- Cox .049, .051, .09, new in box. Many other items. SELL * BUY * TRADE

Isaac - (305) 672-8610 Sun - Fri 9am - 10pm (Miami, FL)


- Super Tiger G21 series .46 engine

- Super Tiger V .60 engine

- For K&B Sky Fury .049: drive washer; For Veco 35: drive washer; For ST G21 .46: Hd., new or LN, 3 rear bearings new.

- Midwest Models Skyraider CL profile stunt Kit, 48" span

- Rossi .15 Engines, Mark 2 or Mark 3 Blackhead

- Old model airplane ignition engines and/or parts. Glow control-line engines and parts. Control-line kits.

Gabe (407) 878-9220 (Port St. Lucie, FL)

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