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Ugly Bikini Model (Yuk!)

...Model airplanes, that is.

Everyone's got at least one hidden away in his closet. Here's a collection of some Ugly Model Airplanes for your bemusement.

This Page Last Updated 2/10/01

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Please Note: If you submit a photo, I will post your e-mail address so others can contact you, unless you specifically ask me not to post it.

Martial Voiter

"I can't claim credit for these specimens, but you should see the site from which they were downloaded.  It's some Norwegian guy who will try anything with model planes. Highly recommended: Rolf's Web-bytes"

Picture #1: "This is a twin engine, coke bottle-bodied mess.  On the website they claim that it flies pretty well until one of the engines quits."

Picture #2: "Experimental muffler systems on a war weary Cub."


Dom Apikos, Villa Park, IL

"Here is my entry for your Ugly Planes gallery. I designed and built "Banana Plane" a few years ago and had many excellent flights I finally sold it to the local hobby shop where it got its' apropos name."

Capfire 21 by Kyle and Ryan Rodriguez
sent in by Daren Savage

"This is a hybrid model assembled by Kyle and Ryan Rodriguez. They used
the fuselage and tail feathers from their a Dynaflite Spitfire . They
took the wing from a .40 size Cap 21 given to them by another member
which came from unknown origins that had a problem keeping the wing
attached in flight.

I test flew it for them this last Saturday and it flew pretty well. Not
too different from the original Cap 21. Engine is a O.S. LA40; Futaba
radio, 4 channels. Weight unknown."

Michael Bealmear

"I've noticed that you've not had a pic of an Ugly Stik in a while, and I know how much you love and respect this wholesome design.

The pics I've attached are of my Midwest 60 Stik that was resurrected (I know you're thinking 'Why Bother') from a bad crash three years ago, and re-flown this winter. And since I bet you don't get a chance to try much snow ski flying, I thought you might find these interesting. That's me on the left (and yes...I do fly better with the hat) and Russ Kuhn (who's field we fly from) with his Curtis Robin. If you ever do your 'Ugliest Plane'
contest again........

I'd been trying to fly on snow for the past three winters and between lack of snow and airplane troubles, the pieces didn't come together until an couple of weeks ago. Man... they get off the ground quick....It sure was a blast!

The Stik is also finished as a tribute (of sorts) to Jimmy Buffett and 'FINS'. At least it keeps me thinking Warm!"


"Here is my ugly plane. Thunder Tiger World Trainer 40 with OS 40LA engine. I crashed the plane and recovered it with spare covering material I had at home. Looks real ugly but flies well and thats all I am concerned about with this plane."

Sydney, Australia



"All I can say is that you inspired me to do this to this aircraft with your webpage and articles in RC Report. Miss your column by the way.

Stikity Do Dah (Bashed Zipity Do Dah) RCM plan built. It first flew next to the Panama canal back in 1997. Still going, although on its second Fin. Bottom of wing is covered in 3" black and white checks.

Wing 64"
Engine Magnum .40
Radio JR347
Covering Cheepie Towercoat
Fuel 8oz Dubro
Weight 5 lb-ish"

[The blue and yellow one has] "...pretty much the same specs, except for the Webra .40 up front."


Easy Sport

Paul Ingersoll,

"I'm submitting these pictures of my Easy Sport - It is the same one that was in the midair - I rebuilt the fuselage and tried a wing from a stinger 60 (red wing) - it didn't work so I found an arf wing from tower hobbies from the scratch and dent section and it flies great now - I've modified the rudder and elevator for more throw and surface area."



A tuned pipe? Why? From the look of that firewall, I believe the torque twisted it right off the front of the plane once...


Ahhh! Finally! Someone sends in an Ugly Stick photo for the Ugly Gallery!

Actually this one hardly qualifies as ugly - shows you what you can do with an otherwise ugly kit and a little creativity. Built by Victor Weitzman of Plantation, FL. It's a kit-bashed Great Planes Big Stick 40 with OS 46SF up front for power, Futaba Skysport 4 for control, and covered in Cub Yellow Monokote with red Monokote trim.


"This is my hack, which I hope is good enough for your ugly page. Its a Precadent Low Boy that I scored for $45 3/4 built. It runs a GMS 45 engine with JR receiver and a mix of JR Hitec and Futaba servo's, but the important bit is a JR X388."

(editor's note: Paul, it's only barely ugly enough to make it in here, or else you take great pictures. I only put it here because I can't think of anything uglier than wasting a JR X388 on a "hack" plane!)

Paul Cowan,

Wacky Plane Profile

Wacky Plane Top


"'s the plane that's gonna win!! It's a prototype plane I built a couple of years back. It's called the WACKY WING. It's 2 different colors cause I ran outta red and yellow monokote after I done the wings. Seriously, I never thought it'd actually get off the ground. This thing flies better than a lotta sport planes, plus WILL NOT STALL. I guess those swept forward parts act as canards or something."

Don Hebert,

Ugly Glider & Owner

Ugly Glider Profile


This is my first R/C plane. With the colours dictated by clearance priced Super Monokote. Up here the major field hazard are brambles, which tend to make long rips in the covering; and seem to reach up to do so. (Possible Murphy's Law) She also has a sheet brass nose, decided to make the required nose weight do something useful.

Ugly Quickie 1/12/97

The owner of this plane has won several Quickie 500 races with it... much to the chargrin of the competition. Guess it doesn't have to be pretty, just fly fast.

- The Flying Penguin

Ugly PT-19 1/12/97

This ugly plane is an EZ ARF PT-19 I salvaged from the garbage. It might not look like much but it was one of the best flying planes I've ever owned. The wing joiner finally failed a year later - the wings folded in flight and it lawn-darted in.

- The Flying Penguin

UGLY! UGLY! 1/12/97

No, this is not a picture of a crashed plane - it really flies like that! The owner grabbed me one day at the field and made me take a picture of it because he swore I'd never see an uglier plane again... and you know, he was right!

- The Flying Penguin


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