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February 24, 1997

Dirt Cheap! It's Free!

The Flying Penguin is published on a monthly-maybe basis (maybe I'll print it this month, and maybe I won't. You don't like it? Tough!). This newsletter is, and always will be FREE! Why am I doing this? Probably because I need my head examined!

For the benefit of nameless parties (oh okay, I'll name them: park employees) I'm not selling anything. This is a free service I provide for my fellow fliers because the aforementioned nameless people have a problem with RC want-ads on the field's bulletin board (oh, but allowing food vendors to set up at the flying field during contests and steal business away from our sponsor clubs is okay, though...).

As always, posting an ad in the Penguin is free, but if you'd like to show your appreciation for my efforts here, I will gladly accept a donation of two dollars. This donation is strictly voluntary, but if you want to show your support, it would be appreciated, (and you'll be helping support my bad habits). Please send in your ads now for next month's issue. Send your ads to:

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The Flying Penguin
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Phone: (305) 892-9007 Fax: (305) 893-6221

CompuServe: 70254,2145

Please include your name, city, and phone number. Ads can be for anything having to do with modeling: used items for sale, want-ads, building services, contests, event announcements, death threats, etc. Copies of The Flying Penguin are available at Markham Park (get 'em when you can, the Park police are stealing them again), Coral Springs Condors Field (courtesy Marv Grubb), Gulf Hobbies in Hollywood (954) 987-7500, and Orange Blossom Hobbies in Miami (305) 633-2521 (courtesy of Charles Rodriguez).

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The Flying Penguin


RC Flea Market & Swap Meet, Markham Park, April 19th

Contact Stan Rudd, (305) 931-7188


Courtesy of the RC Flyers Homepage,

ANGLE OF ATTACK - Direction from which you are hit after setting up a nice mid-air with your club-mate's new plane.

AUTOROTATION - What your car does on icy roads.

BALSA - What dreams were made of.

BALSA STRIPPER - Lightweight female dancer, rhythmically removing covering, to show inner structure to drooling RC Pilots.

BERNOUILLISM - Name of an antique sect regularly discussing religious problems (the weight of air, the speed of air, the "mystic" reconnection of air).

BLIND NUT - Judge at a pattern contest.

CARPET FIBER - When others are bragging about their high-tech composite planes and you have only the Gentle Lady you built on the floor of your two-room apartment, mutter quickly (under your breath), "YEP, THIS BABY'S REINFORCED WITH CARPET FIBER!"

CIRCLE TOW - How to point someone in the direction of the scoring tent when you have both hands holding your plane together until the quick epoxy sets.

CRASH - 1) Quick method of removing radio and engine from a model to fit them in your new one. 2) Synonym for "re-kitting" a model

CENTER OF GRAVITY - Point in which G-forces, dedicated to separating wing from fuselage, do their stuff.

CANARD - Frequently seen at ponds. Willing opponent for dogfights.

COMPUTER - Device that enables you to make mistakes at the speed of light.

CYANOACRYLATE - 1) Special glue, designed to instantly glue fingers to balsa structures. 2) Special glue, instantly curing when parts are misaligned, will hardly (if at all) cure when parts are correctly aligned. 3) Substance used to make eyes water profusely at critical points in construction.

DEAD STICK - 1) Two of these can be found on your transmitter after failing to properly charge your batteries. 2) The Yucca your aunt gave you to clear the air in your shop after 3 months lack of water.

ENGINE - Device designed to make noise. Will suddenly stop making this noise when beyond glide-in distance.

EPOXY - The stuff that has replaced the balsa after the flying season.

FAIL SAFE - Option on PCM radio's that allows a pilot to choose whether to crash near him, or a long way away.

FLARE - 1) What someone has when they're good enough to show off. 2) Beginner's luck.

FLYING WING - To be seen after too tight a loop.

FUEL TANK - Plastic bottle, designed to leak when placed in totally inaccessible locations.

FUSELAGE - Optional interconnecting structure between wings and engine.

GLITCH - What you holler when you pull up elevator while flying inverted at an altitude of ten feet.

LANDING GEAR - Structure to separate fuselage from runway after landing. Does not always succeed in doing so.

LUCK - Comes in multiple forms:

PLAIN: Very sparse on your side, but plenty with your flying buddies only they refer to it as SKILL.

TOUGH: This is what you usually have. Your flying buddies refer to it as lack of skill.

BAD: Same as TOUGH.

GOOD: What you need the most.

MEAN AIR CHORD - That nasty minor eighth note caused when your wings snap on launch and whack together.

MIXTURE SCREW - Device to meter too little fuel to the engine at critical moments.

O.S. - Initials of the two words that an R/C pilot says when he loses control going straight down.

PATTERN PLAN - Make a copy of the plans so when it crashes, you have the patterns to build another one.

PROPELLER - 1) Rotating knife that cuts holes in the air, which the aircraft falls into, thus propelling the aircraft. 2) Handy tool to cut away excess skin on knuckles.

P-51 MUSTANG - What beginners use to learn to fly.

RADIO - Expensive electronic device to randomly alleviate overcharged batteries.

RADIO GLITCH - 1) Documented Electronic occurrence, causing immediate and irreparable loss of control. 2) The source of any crash when there is a possibility of someone else's radio in close proximity to your plane.

SWEPT AREA - The only part of your apartment not covered in balsa dust.

WETTED AREA - After Rex the Wonderdog finds the swept area.

THERMAL - Mythical occurrence of rising air - usually where one's sailplane is not.

TRAINER CORD - Handy device for electronically instilling false confidence in rookie pilots.

SINK - Non-mythical meteorological event stimulated by R/C soaring contests.

SNAP ROLL - After a nice hard G roll, something SNAPS (usually and most likely the wing). Aerodynamic ability will slightly diminish.

TIP STALL - Offering several minutes worth of un-requested advice to a nearby pilot instead of taking your turn to launch off the winch; used when sink is in the air and contest points are at stake. See "sandbagging".

UPWIND TURN - Same as DOWNWIND TURN. . . . NO it isn't! YES it is! NO it isn't! YES it is! NO it isn't! YES it is! IS NOT! IS TOO! IS NOT! IS TOO! IS ..... etc. etc. etc.

WING - Device that, due to it's airfoil, allows air to flow faster over the top, thereby allowing you the opportunity to pour excess funding into the resulting low-pressure area.

WING AREA - What you get more of in the car by leaving the wife at home.



#10 - The guy who claims to know everything and seems to know nothing.

#9 - The guy who knows a little and has an opinion on everything.

#8 - The guy who seems to know everything but won't talk to anybody about it.

#7 - The guy who does know everything, but talks crap just to piss you off.

#6 - The guy who knows nothing with a ten year old in tow who knows everything.

#5 - The contest Nazi.

#4 - The guys selling timeshares at the flying field (what the heck is THAT all about anyway?)

#3 - The guy who put the fence gate together.

#2 - The guy who likes to break in his engines in the pit area.

#1 - The park people who keep stealing my newsletter.


  • The Flying Penguin is a trader/want-ad flyer for the advancement of the hobby of modeling.
  • This Flying Penguin is distributed Free of Charge. The only fee that may be charged is for photocopying expenses.
  • Ads are for pre-owned items only. I cannot be held responsible for typographical errors, misprints, misinformation and misfits. I make no claims on the quality or value of items listed for sale or trade, and I get first dibs on the best stuff.

Robert Osorio - editor


- Senior Telemaster. 95" span, finished in red & whi Monokote. w/ Fowler flaps, 4 S136G Futaba Mini-Servos, all pusg-rods, wiring, 12 oz tank, new K&B 65 BB engine w/remote needle, alum. gear. 10 flights on engine. - plane flies well. Flies backwards in 10 mph wind w/flaps down! All for $335. Plane only (less engine & servos) $150

Merle - (954) 428-7831 (Deerfield Beach)

New R/C kits, engines, and accessories for sale below mail order prices. For complete list contact Jimmy Jemail via Compuserve 102203,2601 or call (954) 753-0650 (Pompano)
FOR SALE- Left Hobby need to liquidate!

- King Kobra, OS 61 FSR ABC w/type 7M carb, Spring Air Retracts, Futaba 8 ch PCM w/5 FPS130 servos. $750

- Kougar, OS 45 FSR ABC, JR Century VII w/4 servos. $500

- Seamaster, OS 45 FSR ABC, 4 servos (no radio). $450

All first class construction and finish.

- Pica Rapier, wing, fuse & tail 80% finished. $60

- Top Flight P-51, wing w/MK retracts 70% finished. $100

- MK Arrow, kit. All wood. $100

- Miss Ft. Worth, kit by Cunningham. $75

- 2 OS 30 Wankels, $100 ea

- OS FS 60, original 4-stroke. $60

- Supertigre 60, $50

- Flight Box, custom Woodcraft, power panel, 12V Batt & starter. $125

- Misc: servos, 2 Futaba AM 6 ch radios, Battery Cycler, chargers, wheels, covering, tools, tanks, & enough small parts to open a hobby store!

Will sell individually, but would prefer to sell all for $2,200. May consider trade for reliable auto of equal value.

Jim - (954) 929-4828 or (954) 925-1112 (Hollywood)


1/10-scale Associated RC10LS RC Car, Carbon Fibre chassis, motor, battery pack, Novak speed control, Novak Polaris rcvr, full bearings, extra gear sets. Extra wheels & tires (new in package - never openned), 3 bodies & much more. Has 4 runs on it! Bodies are: #6 Valvoline T-Bird, #4 Kodak Monte Carlo, Ferrari 333SP (unpainted). The #6 & #4 are concourse scale, as exact as possible! Must see to believe! The whole show for $250 $200

Don - (Voice Mail) (954) 631-3100 (North Lauderdale)

Will Trade or Sell OS .60 FP - Looking for 90 or 1.20 2-stroke engine

Stan - (305) 931-7188 (North Miami)


- Webra .61 new, rear exhaust. $125 or will trade for good 40 - 60 size engine with side exhaust & muffler.

John (954) 962-8575 (Hollywood)


- Flight Box, NEW, red, bought from RC Hobbies includes starter, igniter, battery igniter (hot stand), battery meter (ESV), quick charger FFC, elec. fuel pump w/metal can. $200

- Avistar 40, NEW, recovered white & transp. blue, short & flat wing. OS-FX 46 w/header & pipe. Alum. landing gear. Fast, flown a few times. $225

- Extra 300, NEW, K-55, blue, red & white, OS 1.08, rcvr batt., (2) S3001 servos. Pilot. Very nice plane. $450

- OS-SF 61, w/header & motor mount, alum. spinner, 11x7 prop, stock muffler. Like new. $125

- OS-SX 32, excellent shape. $100

OS-FP 25, w/4 oz. fuel tank. New in box. $50

- ASP 46, used. $40

- Futaba FP-T8UAF, w/4 S-148 servos, battery, 2 rcvrs, ch 44. New. $375

- Spring Air Retracts, pneumatic, 3-gear, alum. hand pump w/guage. $80

- Futaba Attack-4 AM Radio, Transmitter & Rcvr. $30

- Iron, covering and misc. $25


Mike - (954) 472-2892 or Beeper (954) 761-0043 (Fort Lauderdale)


- Carden Super Bandido, 96" span, 74" fuse, G62, all servos, no radio,

- Sig 4-120, w/1.08 engine

- EZ Commander 40, ST 40, Fuataba Radio & servos

- 2 ASP 1.08 Engines

- Futaba 136G Retract Servo

- Supra Retracts

- Century Ninja Pro 46 Heli, OS 46. Possible trade for heli

Jerry - (954) 489-1432 (Fort Lauderdale)


Helicopter IBM-PC Simulator. I'll pick it up anywhere & pay cash!

Eddie - (561) 477-5931 (Boca Raton)


- O.S. 32SX Heli Engine, new, $100

- Learjet 35A Kit, from Model Specialties, 84" foam wing, 96" glass fuse, twin Dynamax fans w/OS 65/77. Glass tip tanks, nacelles, canopy, windshield & frame. Jet Model Products retracts. Complete kit less wing sheeting. Partially built. $600 or Trade for new G-62

Rick - Leave Message: (954) 572-7064 (Sunrise)


Selling for a friend:

- BVM Viper Ducted Fan, 75% finished, glass & carbon fiber. BVM K&B .82 engine, on board mixture, oleo struts, decals, retracts. $1,000

- Conquest Air Pattern Plane, w/retracts, YS engine. $200

- Calypso Pattern Plane, w/Weber .61, Futaba PCM 7ch, $300

- Great Planes P-51, needs repair. $50

- Model Tech Sukoi, Almost Ready to Cover, new in box, $200

- OS Max 1.20 4-stroke, low hours. $250

- OS .91 FS 4-stroke, used. $175

- Weber .91, w/muffler. $150

2 - Super Tiger Bluehead .60, $80

4 - JR Servos, Ball Bearing, make offer

2 - OS .15, w/muffler. Make offer

3 - Rhom-Air Gear Sets, Nose & mains, w/plumbing & tanks, $40 per set

- Asst. Spray Paint, Parts, etc. Getting out of hobby.


- Weber .61, w/o muffler. $30

*** I Have Lot's of Engines - BUY / SELL / TRADE ***

Brian - (954) 979-8718 (Margate)


Top Flite Corsair, 75% finished. $190 OBO

Miniature Aircraft X-Cell .60 Heli, w/spare main blades, Futaba Super 7 heli radio, like new, flown no more than 10 times. $850 OBO or trade for jet

.35 & .40 OS & Magnum engines, reasonably priced

Many finished & unfinished planes.

Many engines (50+) and parts (OS, HP, ASP, Enya, etc.)

Many spare wings for popular planes

Gary - (954) 791-9592 eves. (Ft. Lauderdale)

Planes Built, Assembled, Recovered & Repaired. Flite boxes made to order. Stan - (305) 931-7188 (North Miami) FOR SALE:

- Sukoi SU26-Mx, BRAND NEW - NEVER FLOWN, ASP .75 ABC, Slimline Pitts in-cowl muffler, DAD digital mixer (flapperons), 5 Futaba S-148 servos, Futaba 9-channel recvr and battery. Blue/White lots of little features. Looks great! $345 O.B.O.

- Futaba 5UAP PCM Transmitter Only, w/ charger in custom case. Like new condition. Channel 16. $150 O.B.O.

>>> MUST SELL!! <<<

Radames - (305) 271-3395 (Miami)


Vico 61 RC w/Perry Carb, no muffler, like new, $75. Magnum 40XL RC, NIB, $60. OS40 FP RC, like new, $50. OS40H RC, exc. cond, $45. OS10S RC, 1 open lug, very good cond, $15. Royal 45, exc. cond, $35. K&B .201 GH, $50. Cox Baby .049's, exc. cond, 3 for $25. Cub .099, exc. cond, no needle, prop or screw, $12


- Super Tiger G21 series .46 engine

- Super Tiger V .60 engine

- For K&B Sky Fury .049: drive washer; For Veco 35: drive washer; For ST G21 .46: Hd., new or LN, 3 rear bearings new.

- Midwest Models Skyraider CL profile stunt Kit, 48" span

- Rossi .15 Engines, Mark 2 or Mark 3 Blackhead

- Old model airplane ignition engines and/or parts. Glow control-line engines and parts. Control-line kits.

Postage - engines: 1st, $5, ea addl $2; Elec starter, race car & OS .65, $5 ea. 1/2 A 1st & addl $1.

Gabe (407) 878-9220 (Port St. Lucie)

For SalE:

- 40 size Old Timer, push-pull cables, elev & rudder, tail of fuse is open strut structure - stained & varnished, genuine vintage spoke wheels. $150

Eddie - (954) 389-5212 (Weston)


- Sullivan Strarter, $13

- Great Planes Electric Motor w/ folding prop, $20

- Futaba 4 ch Conquest Radio, compete w/ questionable recvr - make offer

- Great Planes Super Sportster Bipe, never flown, $250 w/o engine

- Rossi .40, like new. $95

- Great Planes CAP 21, 60" wing span. Just completed, never flown - mint. $250 w/o engine

- Enya & O.S. R/C, 2 cyl, 4 cyl engines! Call!

- Kraft 5 channel Radio, extra accesories & servos. Never used.


Jim (954) 923-7715 (Hollywood)


- Citabria, OS .70 Surpass 4 cyl, radio. $450

- Champion Shuler 60 Heli, complete w/radio. $575

- Hirobo Shuttle .30 Heli, w/radio. $450

- Ace 4-40, $130

- Sig Cobra, w/OS .45. $125

- Great Planes PT-60, w/ servos $180

- OS .60 FS, run 3 times, almost new, $89

- Rossi .60, side exhaust, new in box, $149 $99

- Rossi .90, new in box, $249

- Rossi Pipes, Header, carbs, plugs & other parts - new & used for .60's

- Lanier P-51, new , $59

- Lanier Invader, $49

- Magnum Pro .45 & GP .40, new.

- Cox .049, .051, .09, new in box. Many other items. SELL * BUY * TRADE

Isaac - (305) 672-8610 (Miami) Sun - Fri 9am - 10pm


Ace 30% Extra 230, smoker, spring starter, quality BB servos, RTF $1,200

Y.S. 1.20 4-stroke, new in box, 4-sale or trade

Futaba Super 7, transmitter & receiver. $200

Ace Seamaster 120, plane only. EXCELLENT CONDITION! $225


Direct Connections F20 Tigershark, retracts, Rossi .45 w/tuned pipe RTF $400

Jeff - (954) 562-3504 (Fort Lauderdale)


- Dynamax Fan Unit, for OS .77 thru .90. New, all built. Never flown. $100

- Great Planes Electri-Cub, w/05 elec motor, no battery. $75 $50

- McColough 6 cu. (100cc) Gas Engine, Racing Engine, needs ignition system, $250

- Webra .90 Speed, 2-stroke Engine, New in Box, $125

- Great Planes F-14 Tomcat w/Spring-Aire retracts & OS .61FSR w/tuned pipe !A Real Bullet! $350

Charles - (954) 920-4441 (Pembroke Pines)


- Futaba FX-10, 2 wheel drive car w/ 2 stick radio dry w/ 2 road tires & rims - no body. USED. $80

- Futaba FX-10, 2 wheel drive car w/ 2 stick radio dry w/ body. USED. $95

- Futaba FX-10, 2 wheel drive car w/ 2 stick radio dry w/body. NEW. $130

- Flitecraft Minuteman .40, w/ Fox .40 RC, Futaba AM Radio, 4 servos, battery, receiver. ALL NEW. - plus used transmitter. $275

- Lots of Great Planes hardware, fittings, hinges, drill & tap sets, rods, connectors, heat shrink. 1/2 orig. price

Russ (Beeper) (954) 402-5589 (Ft. Lauderdale)


- Taylor Craft, sweet flying 1/4-scale $300, with Futaba 7 channel PCM radio & all servos (S5101) add $175, almost new MOKI 1.8 w/bissson muffler add $250

- Phaeton Bi-Plane, Beautiful model! $300, with Futaba 7 channel PCM radio & all servos (S5101) add $175, almost new O.S. Max 1.08 add $150

- Futaba 7 ch PCM Radio, guaranteed to work perfectly. $125

Richard - (954) 746-7562 (Home) (954) 792-4300 (Work)


F-14 Tamecat, 2 seperate wings: one straight & one swept, fly with either one. Covered & looks just like the advertised photo. $125

Sal - (954) 752-6106 (Coral Springs)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you bought my Flightstar 40 Trainer in late July, you got the wrong receiver (transmitter is on Channel 14 and reciever is on 16)! Please call me to coordinate a trade for the correct receiver. Radames (305) 271-3395.

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