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Brought to you by the creator of the legendary Unofficial Quake Screen Saver, here comes the Unofficial Hexen II screen saver! All scenes are in lavish 16-bit color, rendered on a Monster 3D running GLHexen (NOTE: A 3D card is not required to run the screen saver).

The screen saver features several scenes from the game. The scenes are fully rendered and animated just as they would look in the game with flickering torches, grass munching sheep and fluttering flags. All the graphics and sounds from the game come faithfully to life on your screen.

Features include:

The Unofficial Hexen II Screen Saver will work under Windows 95/98/2K/XP and (believe it or not) it works under Vista! (not bad for a 9 year old screen saver!)

The Unofficial Hexen II Screen Saver is freeware: you can do whatever the hell you want with it, I don't care.

The Hexen name and logo are property of Raven Software. Screen saver code and custom artwork copyright 1996, 97 by Robert Osorio

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Q: "How the hell did you create this screen saver and how can I make my own?"



Version 2.01.0005 Full Install (File Size: 5.6 Mb) 11/17/97


Who Am I?

My name is Robert Osorio, I live in central Florida (the "Shoot Me" state), and I go by the handle  "FlyingPenguin[OFC]" when playing online. I mostly play Day of Defeat, Counterstrike, and Q3 Urban Terror. I'm 42, and honorary CEO for life of the Old Farts Clan (gamers under age 35 need not apply). There's not really a clan - it's very casual. A bunch of us old farts were just tired of being nagged to join a clan, so we made up our own.

When I first started posting my age on my web sites, I was amazed by the number of "closet" old-fart gamers that e-mailed me to tell me that it was so cool that there were others, like themselves, who played the game like addicts, weren't under 19 years old, and were old enough to remember when "Pong" was state-of-the-art computer gaming. The oldest gamer I've heard from is 55 and he plays around 4 hours a day!

If you're over 35 and play Quake online, consider yourself a life-long member in good standing. Feel free to use the initials if you want [OFC]. Your only duty is that you must never fail to lose any opportunity to be smug about it when you frag the crap out of some teenager's ass. Let him know how old you are and mock his (supposedly) faster reflexes.


Why Am I Doing This?

Being a male, I've never experienced the pain of childbirth, so instead I tried publishing this screen saver. You know what? Childbirth has to be less painful...

Why am I doing this? BECAUSE I NEED MY HEAD EXAMINED, THAT'S WHY! I'm not a professional programmer, I'm just doing this in my spare time for the fun of it. I don't represent a company and there's no big-time publishing outfit behind me - otherwise you'd be paying forty bucks for this screen saver at a computer store, in a fancy box, festooned with legal cryptographs to sooth the Gods of Litigation, instead of downloading it for free!. I do all the programming and answer all customer support questions myself, and I have a normal (well, sorta normal...) job I have to pretend to do fairly well during the day to keep the real money coming in, so your patience and understanding is appreciated. If you really, REALLY like the screen saver, send me a couple of dollars, or an AOL Installation disk (I can always use a blank floppy - that's all they're good for anyway...). My address is listed at the end of this page and in the screen saver's readme.wri file).






Contact Me...

I'm constantly trying to improve this scren saver, and I also have plans in the works for some other screen savers as well. Thus, any constructive suggestions or criticisms would be greatly appreciated. Please drop me a line even if just to let me know that you liked it and you had no problems (when most of your e-mail is customer support related, it gets pretty depressing!). Feel free to contact me at:





Why? I don't know....

This and all other web pages and graphics Copyright 1996, 1997 - Robert Osorio

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