Heritage Dental, Lady Lake, Florida

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Heritage Philosophy    
Our office is recognized as a leader with a reputation for excellent service and the highest quality dentistry.

We strive to be aware and understand the changing needs of our patients.  Our staff is committed to personal and professional growth.  To provide our patients with the finest treatment methods we educate ourselves about new information and ever changing technology.  We all believe in the concept of teamwork in achieving the common goal of exceptional patient satisfaction and care.

Dr. Kenneth Cohrn

Infection Control

Each time a patient visits our office, a special trust is placed in our hands.  The implementation of our infection control protocol complies with the standards set by the American Dental Association, OSHA and U.S. Center for Disease Control.  Our sterilization procedure is monitored by the University of Florida Department of Oral Pathology.

Office Services

check.gif (468 bytes) Quality of Life Dental Care
check.gif (468 bytes) Laser Dentistry
check.gif (468 bytes) Implant Procedures
check.gif (468 bytes) Adult Restorative Dentistry
check.gif (468 bytes) Prevention Dental Therapy

Heritage Dental in Lady Lake, Florida
Heritage Dental

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