The Flying Penguin's
Favorite Sick Links of 1999

(Please be aware that old links may have expired.)



Moron's Guide to Toast

Jive Talkin' at the Downstroke

The Extreme Use of Nearly Universal Cooling Hardware

The Crap you Get for Shit These Days (revisited)

FuckU-FuckMe: Changing the feel of Communications 

Balloon Hat Experience

Great Mobile Homes of Mississippi

Operation Egg Crackdown! 

Virtual Bubble Wrap - Potty Humor Central

Frog Blender 2000

The Furby Hooker Network

Mark Eats AOL

Toilet Tea Leaves

The DejaVu Page

Belcher Soda

Tacky Postcards

Real Hamster

Dumb Laws

Gambino's: Home of the Godfather of the Net



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