The Flying Penguin's
Favorite Sick Links of 1998

(Please be aware that old links may have expired.)



Peter Gilstrap's Jesus of the Week

How to drive like a moron

A Wired House

Jackie Martling's Jokeland

The White Trash Cafe

Star Park (Obe-wan meets Kenny!)

Dialectize a Web Page

Obsessive Fan Sites

Gallery of the Absurd

Swedish Chef/Jive/Valley Girl/Pig Latin Translator

Gory Glory Hallelujah (Beanie Baby Torture page)

Just Poop

Eric the Penguin

To Die For

Ask Dr. Science... He knows more than you do!

Joseph's Innocent Inanimate Objects Page

Afro Squad

Bizarre Stuff You Can Make in Your Kitchen


Twine Inertia

The Stupid Page

Punch Captain Kirk

The Hottest Feminist Contest

America's Finest News Source

Click here or we'll shoot this Senator

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