Thanks to a very special arrangement with: 

Yeong Yang Group






We're very proud to announce the Limited Edition Flying Penguin Computer - The Ultimate Gaming Computer.



"Remember Kids, it's Crap!"


With a case made from the finest quality North Korean recycled plastic nuclear fuel rods, this case is manufactured using a special process that involves slow, low temperature baking in a special, temperature controlled oven to produce the distinct shape of the Flying Penguin Computer. Due to this unique process, no two Flying Penguin Computers look exactly the same and each one is marked with a unique serial number (an industry first!) and registered with Lloyds of London for authenticity.

And the unique features aren't just skin-deep! Hell no! While Yeong Yang Group normally uses the finest quality components in their systems, by special arrangement with Flying Penguin Ltd. (we sent Bruno and the boyz over to rough them up a bit), all Flying Penguin Computers have a completely unique set of components thanks to a rigidly enforced  system of utter lack of quality control and the use of extremely cheap Mexican and Indonesian parts. In fact, this uniqueness is taken to such an extreme that the components from any two Flying Penguin Computers are not interchangeable, and replacement drives, chips, and cards must be custom manufactured in our special earthquake-proof facilities in Greece and Turkey.



Production limited to 200 units. Orders for the first 100 units are being accepted on a cash only basis. Remaining 100 units will be auctioned on Ebay.



For the benefit of the intellectually impaired, this is a joke.
Thanks to Stryker, EvilHorace and Flavio for the graphics and inspiration! 9/19/99

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