Modern Building Company is a second generation construction firm that has been designing and building commercial, industrial and agricultural facilities for over 50 years.

We invite you to view some of our commercial and industrial projects. Founded in 1946, we launched our future by constructing some of the first Quonset huts to house independent businesses as they entered the post World War II marketplace.

Today, Modern still actively backs independent business growth by applying our extensive knowledge and experience to the design/build development of commercial, industrial, and agricultural structures throughout Northern California, Oregon and Nevada. 

Modern's skill and leadership in design/build development is evidenced by the more than 2,500 successful building projects. We recognize that our success hinges on the success of our customers.


With decades of construction experience Modern has built a proud reputation for unparalleled quality. When you hire Modern to design a building, we begin by learning about your company's needs as thoroughly as possible-how your building must function to support the needs of your business. We can be involved in the entire design/build process from beginning to end, including site selection, agency approval assistance, planning, design and engineering, for future expansion or modification. As each project dictates, specialists on Modern's team of highly qualified professionals are brought in to assist in the process. 

Modern's collaborative team approach, the structure your business requires can be constructed in the most cost-effective way, maximizing your construction budget. Quality is the result of hard-working detail-oriented carpenters, superintendents, estimators and project managers. With quality out in the field we make sure everything is constructed to specification; our estimators identify budget problems and suggest solutions; and our project mangers recognize and react decisively to schedule impacts regardless of any possible existing problems. Modern's concept of quality is the result of our team efforts to construct your project exceeding your expectations on time, within budget, and to specification.

No matter what type of structure you need built, getting the door open on time and on budget is the bottom line.  In a Modern project, the same person who helped you design your building manages its construction.  This continuity allows effective communication to take place from the very beginning of the process clear to the sign-off of the completed facility.

Modern's design/build process streamlines contract negotiations and develops cost-effective, time-saving, quality construction plans and system plans that meet your unique set of financial and building design requirements.
Modern gets construction in progress earlier, and puts you in business sooner.

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