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Robert Osorio, LLC

Computer Repair, IT Consultant


Servicing Leesburg, Fruitland Park, Lady Lake, The Villages, Ocala, and neighboring communities in Central Florida

- By Appointment Only -

Specializing in PCs and Servers running Microsoft Windows-based Operating Systems


  • On-site Servicing
    I come to you at your business or home. There's no reason to leave 
    your computer at a repair shop for days or weeks.

  • Data Backup (on-site and off-site)
    Is your data secure? What happens if your hard drive crashes, your
    office is robbed or suffers fire, water or wind damage destroying your
    computers and your backups? Allow me to perform a free survey and show
    you how to prepare for disaster recovery with affordable on-site and
    off-site data backup solutions.

  • System Tune-Up
    Many programs install background applications that YOU DON'T
    of icons on the taskbar next to your clock display EACH ONE IS A
    BACKGROUND APPLICATION that is running all the time and robbing
    you of performance. If your computer used to run fine but now runs
    sluggish and generates errors then you probably just need a tune-up.


  • Virus and Spyware Detection and Removal
    Today's viruses are much more tenacious than they used to be. Often
    deleting an infected file alone will NOT eliminate the problem - many
    viruses now disguise themselves and hide backup copies that re-infect
    your system later on. If your computer is acting strangely (running
    very slow, crashing a lot, sending emails to friends by itself) you may
    have a virus or spyware. Let me remove it for you COMPLETELY and show you
    how to prevent future infections or attacks.

  • Data/Software Transfer to New Computer or Hard Drive
    Upgrading to a larger hard drive or a newer computer? I can
    move your data & applications to the new drive painlessly and

  • Data Recovery from Damaged Drives
    Depending on the severity of the problem, data can usually 
    be recovered, even from an erased, formatted or physically damaged drive.


  • Hardware & Software Installation
    For a reasonable fee, allow me to install your new hardware 
    or programs for you, avoiding problems, conflicts and aggravation.
    Your time is valuable!


  • System Customization for Business or Dedicated Applications
    I can customize a system for your specific needs, whether it be for business 
    or entertainment. I do not sell computer hardware, thus I can avoid conflicts
    of interest and give you honest advise on what to buy to suit your needs.

  • Small Business Network Design, Installation and Administration
    I can setup your office local area network to share files,
    printers and Internet connections. Why buy a separate printer for each 
    computer in your office or home, when you can share just one?

  • Remote Access:
    Access your programs and files from a remote location anywhere you have
    Internet access.

  • Wireless Networking:
    Access the Internet, your printer or your file server from your laptop
    anywhere in your office, un-tethered by wires. Have it done
    properly and securely so your neighbors can't access your network.



Estimates are ALWAYS free!

On-site consultation or repair
(By appointment only)


Emergency Service
(Immediate service without an appointment,
24 hours - 7 days)


System Tune-up
(Remove un-needed applications, tune Windows for best performance. If your computer used to run fine but now runs slow or crashes a lot, a tune-up is probably all you need). Includes basic Spyware cleaning.

Usually 1 hour ($90)

Thorough Virus & Spyware Scan and Removal     

Starting at $180

Setup New Computer

Starting at $270 (varies depending on the complexity of your network and applications)

On-Site and Off-Site Data Backup

Call for a free estimate

Data Recovery
(Recover data from a damaged
or erased hard drive. Drive must be capable of spinning up and detected by BIOS).

Call for a free estimate

  • Internet, File and Printer Sharing
  • File and Printer Servers
  • In-office E-mail
  • Daily Data Backups
  • Remote access your office computers from another location

CALL for FREE site-survey, consultation and estimate



Robert Osorio 
"The Flying Penguin"
Lady Lake, Florida

(352) 750-0845

Voicemail Pager: 
(352) 474-8162

- By Appointment Only -


Doing business in
Lady Lake since January 2002



NOTE: Spyware has become a serious problem CLICK HERE
for free information on how to avoid being infected by Spyware.


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